WillB recently released his new original song “Stars Collide”, which is the best yet to come from this young artist/actor performer.

One of the great privileges of authoring this site is getting to know if not directly, indirectly most of the young artists who are featured here. I first met Will B in 2015 through his YouTube Channel and Facebook. I corresponded with his parents to publish his introductory article here which was met with great interest and enthusiasm.

Since that time Will has expanded his career by becoming a young actor appearing in film and sharing the limelight with Hollywood stars. Will is a bright and talented young man with an equally bright future in front of him. What makes Will so unique is his charm and personality that carries through into his singing and acting. He has a deep and sincere faith and often gives God credit for everyday occurrences that happen in his life.

When the world is full of chaos and the news filled with depressing stories that fill us all with anxiety, Will publishes a post on Facebook or Twitter lifting us up with words of encouragement and inspiration.

It’s for that reason today that we want to share his latest music video “STARS COLLIDE”, which as of today enjoys 5.2K views.

I asked Will to tell me a little about the making of his video and a little update about what he has been up to lately. He responded as follows:

WillB Orange Jacket“I helped write this new song and then followed that up with writing and recording another song.

You can look forward to hearing and seeing that music video very soon I hope.

I also will be enjoying some upcoming live interviews for different radio stations.

I really enjoyed being a part of writing these two songs and helping with the ideas of my videos. I’m currently taking dance lessons to help me on stage for my live performances and for my music videos. I have a great guy I’m working with on that too.

I’m working hard in school, I am in 10th grade and trying to graduate early completing all my work this year.

I have my latest movie coming to theaters soon which I’m especially excited for.

I love living in California, doing what I love, acting, singing, and now dance too. The last few covers I released, I produced my own music videos, filming and editing them was a lot of fun, but with my original music I WillB doing some amazing videos with awesome friends. I like using friends in my videos because I really have great friends.”

Watching WillB’s new video really shows a lot of growth and development in his vocals and ability to tell a story through his music video. I’m sure that he has much more to show us and Rivenmaster will continue to follow and support his every effort to accomplish his dreams as an actor, singer, and now songwriter.

Thank you Will for continuing to share your talent, smiles, and faith with all of us, but most of all for the inspiration you provide as only WillB can do!

To Learn more about WillB visit:


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Rod Johnson is the founder of the Rivenmaster Promotional Network which has featured over 160 young artists from all over the world and worked directly as publicist and public relations manager/advisor for Singing Sensation Sam Santiago. Rod has published hundreds of articles and created a number of beginning websites for new young artists some who have now gone on to being signed recording artists. Rod also has worked with ACA Productions, a small film company in the Chicago area, acting as advisor for script and aiding with graphic design for their film projects.


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