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By now I’m sure you are familiar with the ORIGINAL PARENT SITE Rivenmaster’s Place which is now the archive site displaying nearly a decade of past introductory article about some of your favorite and some now famous young artists. This year the old Video site was redesigned and became a new promotional site called Rivenmaster Raves.

This site Rivenmaster.org has now become the lead site pointing you to the other sites within the Rivenmaster Network.  Using the NETWORK PULLDOWN on the Menu above you will find the list to all the young artists that have been featured on Rivenmaster’s Place over the years! Many of these young artists are on the verge of advancing to Superstar Status in the music industry!

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Here is the Super Multi-Talented Griffin Tucker who keeps on surprising us with his amazing vocal and musical abilities.  Even if this is your first time to be introduced to Griffin, you’ll quickly note that he has been heavily influenced by “The Beatles”. Fact of the matter is he has been referred to as the 5th Beatle. Ringo, Paul, George, John, and Griffin!

Griffin Abby RoadAll silliness aside, this boy is sooooooooo talented!

Griffin’s has proved more than once that he is more than just a musician but a true musical prodigy who is destined for greatness!  In his music video for this Hit Single, “Believe it”, Griffin is hammering the drums, playing the guitar and showing us an example of just what it’s like to be in one of his live performances!  Be sure to check out all of his articles here and then go buy his original music!  Rivenmaster is a Grif Fan!

     Griffin Tucker “Believe It”

Keep the Music Coming!