August 17, 2018


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Griffin Tucker Launches New Single!


Griffin Tucker
Griffin Tucker


What can we say about Griffin Tucker that this site has not already said?  Griffin first appeared here back in March of 2016!  So much has happened since then that it deserves a full feature article which we are hoping to bring to you very soon. Griffin is an amazing teen rock star that continues to amaze all of us with his musical prowess and extraordinary writing skills.  To say he is ahead of his years in ability is an understatement! 

Time after time since the very beginning and the launch of his YouTube Channel, Griffin has more than demonstrated not only great vocal ability but instrumental skills that are hard to match by anyone.

Griffin Tucker Profile
Griffin Tucker

He first captured all of our ears and hearts with his covers of classic Beatles tunes only to graduate into his own original music, blowing us all away playing all the instruments and singing all the harmony parts on his songs.

Today we are featuring his latest song entitled “Light It Up” which I have no doubts will explode in popularity just like all his previous songs.

Congrats Griffin on another great song and for all your recent success!  Keep up the great work!

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