January 17, 2018


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Every once in awhile along comes an artist that you know from the first time you hear him that he will not only become well known, but will have a long musical career! While this can not be said about everyone who starts out in the music entertainment world, it’s definitely true regarding Canadian Singer, Songwriter Tyler Lorette.

Tyler first appeared here just a few months ago and had his full feature on Torchlight Talent. Since that time he has written and released two more songs and it seems there is just no end to this talented teens creativity. His last original called “It Flows” received raving reviews from some of the best in the industry as A REAL WORK OF ART. It has been on the FAB Chart in the number 1 spot for 2 weeks running. Today we are proud to present his latest original entitled “Believe”! We are truly honored to have this EXCLUSIVELY here just hours before it’s release to the general public!


Tyler says “ I hope this song inspires you to believe in yourself because anything is possible if you just BELIEVE:)”

Tyler has been very busy writing songs and performing his heart out this summer. He performed at numerous Canada 150 celebrations and for the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. He also played for the Mayor and was the featured artist performing with Sony Recording Artist and vocal coach Roberta Michele at a charity benefit this past July.

Since this front page exclusive was published Tyler has released his latest music video for his new original song called “Love it Up”. It’s currently playing in the player above on this page.

You will want to continue to support Tyler with his music because each new song he releases just keeps getting better!

Congratulations Tyler on all your success and keep the music coming!

Tyler Lorette Mics on fire
Tyler Lorette Live

Tyler wishes to thank everyone for their continued support of his musical journey.

All of Tyler’s songs can be found on iTunes, Spotify and most online music sites.

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