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Sam Santiago Rivenmaster 2016a
Rivenmaster & SamSantiago Winter Concert Irvine CA 2015

What is Rivenmaster Promotions?


For the past 7 years Rivenmaster (Rod Johnson) has been freely promoting and offering advise to young aspiring artists on a Global scale.  He has touched the lives of over 150 youngsters working with their parents helping them to establish a social media network, building websites, and continually promoting them through the Rivenmaster network.  Rivenmaster.com, or as it’s better known Rivenmaster’s Place was the first in the trio of website creations which in turn launched the other two network sites Rivenmaster.net and of course this site Rivenmaster.org.

Rivenmaster.com has now officially been changed to Torchlight Talent where some New Full Feature Articles will be published by the new team led by Matthew Todd.

While at the same time, this site will direct you to the old articles which were originally published on Rivenmaster’s Place and will remain there until they are no longer serving the interest of our readers or become too out of date.  In addition, we will continue to promote new music, videos, and publish short promo articles about up and coming young artists and also bring you updates regarding long standing featured artists.

As Rivenmaster.com slowly fades and Torchlight Talent takes the lead for New Full Feature Publications we are confident that you will enjoy the new media formats offered through the changes and subscribe to the new sites!

Additional Sites currently designed and maintained by Rivenmaster are listed below:

Featured Rivenmaster Designs


This site will also introduce you to two young artists that Rivenmaster works with behind the scene.

Sam Santiago a young multi-talented artist from Irvine, CA.  His site is listed on the Menu Bar above. Rivenmaster is currently acting as Sam’s publicist, web designer, and Public Relations Manager.

Sheridan Archbold is a young vocalist, actor from the Chicago IL area!  Rivenmaster helps Sheridan with web design, social media advertisement, and is currently the graphic designer for the Making It Again Project which launched in 2015 and the new short film “Sam’s Firecracker” now in editing.

If you are interested in what we can do for you contact: Rivenmaster.