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Ethan Fineshriber Overcoming Champion!

Ethan Fineshriber
Ethan Fineshriber

On the surface, Ethan Fineshriber may seem much like any other 13-year old boy trying to navigate his last year of middle school. However, there is more than meets the eye to this outgoing Utah native.

Ethan has already had a whirlwind life in his brief 13 years on this planet, but what he has overcome to achieve some incredible goals is probably what makes his story that much more intriguing.

Ethan’s life seemed to begin like most babies, happy and active. But as he progressed into a toddler, it became apparent there were some troublesome issues that began to concern his parents and loved ones around him. He was beginning to show significant enough developmental delays in his speech and motor skills that doctors began recommending a battery of tests. When he wasn’t walking yet at 20 months, he was sent to a hospital for evaluation. And when he was struggling to use language the way most toddlers do, it was recommended he be tested for Autism.

The concerns were founded as four days of testing resulted in a positive diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). He was developmentally delayed in some of his fine motor skills, was extremely sensitive to certain types of stimuli, and was delayed in his vocabulary and speech. He could actually say almost any word and was an almost gifted mimic being able to repeat back anything anyone would say to him, with accents included. However, at three years old, he rarely used his own words to communicate, mostly repeating back what others had said to him.

Ethan was enrolled in both speech and occupational therapy to help build pathways from his brain to his mouth to help him get the language inside of his head, out of his mouth. He also worked on becoming less sensitive to sound and other environmental stressors. Over time he made huge progress and it was recommended he then be entered into group therapy to help him learn to use his new found language and coping skills in a social setting. Ethan has had several stories featured on Autism Speaks. Below are links to a couple of them:


He has had significant struggles to work through along with huge personal wins and opportunities that accented the amazing work ethic he’s displayed over the past 6 years of his life. Ethan was started in martial arts as a way of helping him to further practice his social skills and to make some friends, which he didn’t easily begin to do until he was around 9 years old. His mom also worried about him being an easy bully target with his social struggles and quirky ways. However, the year and half worth of speech, occupational, and group therapies as well as his martial arts training seemed to help him build better coping skills, some budding talents, and develop self-confidence as he navigated his way to his teenage years.

He had a natural talent for the sport of karate and when one of his initial instructors suggested he try a national competition, he jumped at the chance and took a first place. It was after that success on a national level, that it was suggested that Ethan may have what it might take to win on a world level and he and his parents made the choice to begin training for that ambitious endeavor. It took 3 years of intensive training and hard work, but in 2016, Ethan won his first world title with a perfect score in the XMA (Extreme Martial Arts) black belt boys division of the ATA (American Taekwondo Association). His story became well known as it was featured on People Magazine, Fox News, and Good Morning America .

But he didn’t stop there, he actually continued to train and began to explore competitions on several other circuits and that year won two additional world titles in two other organizations. Below is one of his winning performances from the Nationals Black Belt League and another from the American Taekwondo Association:

He has enjoyed a martial arts athlete sponsorship with Hyper Martial Arts

Helps to promote Bully Prevention for Hyper Bully Defense:

Here is a vlog Ethan put together to promote Bully Prevention:

Ethan is also honored to be a member of Quest ATA (Team Envy), Tobin’s Elite Academy, and Infinity Martial Arts (Team Infinity). He trains regularly with several coaches including Mike Welch, Mike Tobin, Kim Bantum, Jackson Rudolph, Mason Stowell, and Joseph Bein.

As his story began to become more well-known and he started to gain additional following on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, Ethan found that he became increasingly comfortable performing in front of a camera and found a creative way to express himself by vlogging. He has put out a couple dozen vlogs together to date and a few of those have gone viral on Facebook, including one on living with autism that has reached just under 1 million views and a follow-up vlog that has reached almost half a million that you can watch below:


Ethan’s notoriety and accomplishments have given him the opportunity to be on Nickelodeon as a Lip Sync Battle Shorty with Jojo Siwa and Nick Cannon:


Ethan is also cast as the Green Power Ranger Tommy Oliver on Ninja Kidz Tv: Here are a few links for you to watch:

You can see him on Wonderama’s 2016 Christmas Special:

And on SuperKids which airs in Germany:

As of Fall 2017, Ethan is in the 8th grade at a Middle School in Northern Utah and enjoys other hobbies such as building Knex Roller Coaster, making Origami, performing magic, and defeating Rubiks cubes. His life is regularly documented on his Facebook page

Ethan Fineshriber Live Action
Ethan Fineshriber Live Action

For more contacts and info visit Ethan on:

We are all excited to see what he is going to do next.


Tyler Lorette Canada’s Latest Teen Star!

Tyler Lorette


Here at the Rivenmaster Network we are always delighted when we discover new talent through Social Media, from word of mouth or from our subscribers. In Tyler’s case it was his latest YouTube Music Video Mash up of “I Feel It Coming/I Can’t Feel My Face. I knew instantly that I had to get Tyler featured Here and on Torchlight Talent!

Thirteen year old Canadian Tyler Lorette, like many of the youngsters who have been featured on this network got an early start on his musical career. His mother shared with us that at just the age of 1 they noticed that Tyler would rather bang on pots and pans than play with his toys. By the time he reached kindergarten age he was already playing his own set of drums and strumming his guitar.

You could say that Music was in his blood having a mother who is very musically talented herself, so Tyler just came by his love of music naturally.

Tyler Lorette Musician
Tyler Lorette

Of course loving something and perfecting it is a whole different story! As all successful talents it takes work and Tyler has been doing that for as long as he can remember. Performing since the age of seven, acting on stage in musicals at the age of eight, and writing his first original song at just nine, there is no stopping this Musical Hurricane!

Just this past Monday I witnessed Tyler’s Live Stream on his Krue TV Channel. I have to say that it was more than just a musical treat. Tyler brought his fun, bright, and very entertaining personality to life for all his fans and supporters. I watch a lot of live-streams and I have to say that Tyler has all the makings of a real true UP AND COMING RECORDING ARTIST!

You can be sure that this is only the beginning of what this 13 year old Canadian singer, songwriter, musician will bring to us in the near future. Tyler has already written and composed some great originals and I have it from his parents that he will be going to Nashville soon to lay down some new tracks! HOW EXCITING IS THAT?

You can be sure that this promotional site will be gobbling up his latest releases and sharing them here as well as with other promoters who enjoy helping new young artists achieve their dreams. TYLER ON iTunes

Well I truly must stop because Tyler’s Full Feature Article has been published to TORCHLIGHT TALENT! So direct your attention there for his full story to learn all about the AMAZING MUSICAL TEEN TALENT OF TYLER LORETTE!

To learn more about Tyler and find All of Tyler’s Social Media Links READ:



Josh Flores – Back on Track Headed for Success!


Joshua Flores made his first appearance on the original Rivenmaster’s Place Website back in 2010. Today Josh is an 18 year old recording/performing artist well on his way to re-discovery.

In his introductory article on the original site, Josh was a mere 11 years old and was creating a huge media stir at the time with his pre-pubecent vocals, pure looks, angelc covers and original song. He had been appearing on both Television and Radio and had just realeased a 5 song EP to raise funds to attend a very special musical school featuring the American Boychoir.

Josh Flores
Josh Flores

Now 7 years later Joshua, simply called Josh is 18 and will soon graduate from High School.

The music industry has a funny way of advancing us and sometimes setting us back. However, with each new experience both good and bad, more wisdom is aquired, and often the grit needed to be successful in a musical pursuit to be discovered is gained.

So let’s take you back and review a bit of Josh’s history in his musical adventure.

When Josh was 12 years old he was signed to an independent label out of Miami. They had discovered Josh from a Youtube video of him singing Alicia Keys, “Fallen”. Over the past 5 years, Josh released two music vidoes with that label and one original song. He performed in New York, Orlando and Miami but nothing really took off for him. During the last two years of his signing, Josh began to work on a new single and music video release, but then suddenly everything stopped. A year went by and they found out that the record label had actually fallen apart. So, in the summer of 2016, Josh was able to get released from the label due to no activity. On the positive side, during his time being signed to a label, Josh learned quite a bit of how the business works and made some great connections with producers and other artist.

Now that Josh is about to graduate from high school, he is thinking about his next steps in life and his future. There is no doubt that music will continue to be a big part of that.

Josh has been performing locally, continues to post videos of cover songs and things are starting to get back to the way they were when he was 12 years old. He performed with Clarissa Serna who was on “The Voice”.

He also helped out with a project called “We Are One”. Josh was featured in the song and music video which was more of a religious genre. He believed in the message of the song even though that is not the genre he is known for.

Recenty Josh released an original single called “Waiting For You To Need Me”.

Waiting For YouTo Need Me is a ballad with just piano and voice. The song is in the realm of John Legend and Sam Smith. The song can be purchased on iTunes and other downloadable sites.

Josh is looking to sign with an agent to get into acting and possibly modeling but is waiting until after he graduates high school in a couple of months.

This site has continued to support Josh even all these silent years because there has never been a doubt that the Sky is the Limit for this young recording artist.

While the little boy looks and soprano vocals are now history. Josh has a brand new sound and still an amazng range with a unique abilty like Justin Timberlake and Adam Levine to effortlessly hit those high notes using falseto and even some full voice yet maintining the lower register that makes his accoustic sound so pleasing to listen to.

Keep up the great work Josh! Rivenmaster is behind you all the way!

For More about Josh Flores visit:

Lanz Lawrence – Fabulous Filipino Vocalist!

Lanz B Prof

Last month we introduced you to the first of two amazing young artists from the Philippines.

LANZ LAWRENCEThis month we are proud to bring you yet another young man who is definitely destined for greatness! Twelve year old Lanz Lawrence, with his unique tone and near perfect pitch serves up goose bumps when he sings. I first discovered him from a Facebook post that his father made of him singing outside at a small social event. While the phone capture video may not have been extraordinary the subject of the video was!

Lanz Lawrence sings with passion and a professionalism that usually only comes from a youngster his age who has had years of vocal training. While he is just beginning to make himself known in his country I felt that he deserved so much more and immediately contacted his dad to help set up a Full Feature Article for Torchlight Talent!

Like other talented youngsters who have been introduced by this network, Lanz began showing musical talent at a very young age. Having parents who wanted to cultivate that talent his father would allow Lanz to sing along with him and soon turned him loose on the Karaoke machine at just the age of four.

Lanz Lawrence

Lanz has competed in a number of singing competitions and was declared the champion of his Home Town competition just last year! This does not surprise me and I’m sure that this win will not be his last. I’m personally looking to see him on a future “Voice” Philippines contest.


So as not to give away too much here I will simply direct you to TORCHLIGHT TALENT where you will find his Full Feature Article published by my good friend Matthew Todd. Be sure that you visit, and like Lanz on his Facebook Page and also subscribe to his new YouTube Channel!

You will also find those links on his article on Torchlight Talent!


Best of Success Lanz
From Rivenmaster

Bourne Diadem Luna – Pinoy Prodigy


While this Network has been credited for introducing a number of young prodigies for the first time it’s only on occasion that we find one so young. Six year old Filipino, Bourne Luna is one of the very youngest to ever be introduced here and the youngest to ever be featured on Torchlight Talent!

Watch Bourne in his latest Video then go watch it again on Torchlight Talent.

I came across Bourne’s YouTube Channel by chance when I discovered his video that had gone viral of him impersonating his Dad, who use to be a Call Center Agent. Bourne was only 4 years old at the time and the video was simply called YOUNGEST CALL CENTER AGENT. I thought to myself, “who is this little prodigy?” I later learned that this little charmer had been singing since 2, using vibrato by three, and perfecting a tone quality by 4. Now at 6 he is inspiring to watch, adding his personality and using amazing facial expression as well as body language as he performs.

Bourne Diadem Luna

Having just returned from my visit to the Philippines, I was pleased to find out that Bourne was from there. While I visited, I found the people of the Philippines to be amazingly warm, personal, polite, and humble. This little fellow is no exception to the rule with all of those wonderful characteristics reflected in each new video that he makes for his YouTube Channel.

Now mind you! Bourne is just beginning his entertainment career but you should know that he is ahead of the game in so many ways. He is already in 2nd grade, a good two years ahead of the norm. He is exceptionally smart with a memory that is astounding. These talents alone are important to become successful as a young actor or singer for memorizing lines and lyrics to songs.

So as not to reveal too much about Bourne’s story here, I encourage you to visit TORCHLIGHT TALENT, where his Full Feature Article is being published today!

Rest assured that Bourne will soon appear here again with another FULL UPDATE ARTICLE. In fact, I was recently in contact with a Film producer in the Philippines who will soon feature Bourne in a new film being made there!

So keep your eye on this site and on all of our Social Media Pages to keep up with this Phenomenal Little Pinoy who will be sure to be making headlines not only in his home Country, but on a world stage!

Congratulations Bourne on all your success we wish you the very best!


To learn more about Bourne read his: FULL FEATURE ARTICLE HERE!

Also Follow him on:



Lyric Dubee The Definition of Success!



The dictionary defines success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. On the other hand it could simply be defined in the name Lyric Dubee.

Of all the young artists who have graced this site over the past 7 years, award winning Canadian artist Lyric Dubee has proven not only to meet career expectations but far exceed them.

Lyric Dubee Photo by: Robert M. Knight

When Lyric first appeared on Rivenmaster back in July of 2012 he was only 14 years old. But even then he had already released and written enough songs to prove himself to be an accomplished singer/songwriter. Although his voice was still unbroken, having not yet reached maturity, his ability to convey his message through his music was stunning and captivating. Lyric also showed confidence in himself that superseded most of the youngsters his age who had the same vision for success in the music industry.

Now, just a little over 4 years later, Lyric has accomplished not only amazing breakout strides in the industry, but proven to be an enduring musician and recording artist who is here to stay.


In October of 2015 I had the opportunity to travel to Canada for Lyric’s double CD release party. Lyric had just released “Combat of Love and “Black Ice”. (See Article) So much has happened since then we could not wait any longer to bring you up to date.

For this update I thought it best to just give it to you straight from Lyric. I asked him to provide a summary of what took place since our last meeting in Canada. The following is what he shared with me!

*Update from Lyric Dubee

Lyric Dubee Photo by: Robert M. Knight

“The last article on Rivenmaster is your review of my CD Release Party for Combat of Love and Black Ice. Let’s see if I can bring you up to speed on what has been happing since.

After the launch of my 3rd & 4th album in September 2015 my song “Linger” hit #7 on the DRT Rock Radio Charts and #11 of the Adult Contemporary Charts in October. I then went into rehearsals to prepare for a tour of Asia. On November 11th 2015 we flew out performing 16 shows between Japan and China returning mid-December.

2016 Kicked off flying to LA in January to perform at the ROCK AGAINST MS Ramms at NAMM Metal Jam with Michael Angelo Batio & Neil Turbin in Fullerton, California. Next I performed some “Revolution Rock” originals at the Sky Bar Mondrian on Sunset Strip Hollywood for the Defiantly Inspired Showcase and followed up with Tom Ibarra & Antoine Fadavi from France who joined me on stage for a few jazz tunes. My photo was featured as part of the Bilham-Knight interactive photo display of icons of rock history and emerging talent including Billy Idol, Slash and Santana to name a few.

In February I was featured on the cover of Crankit-Up Magazine and performed the National Anthem at the George Chuvalo and Muhammad Ali’s 50 year tribute.

Steve Ferone & Lyric Dubee

In Spring of 2016 I performed multiple shows at the Malibu Guitar Festival, some as a duet with Laurence Juber of Wings. I also played with Steve Ferone (drummer of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers). Topped it all off with my band opening for Richie Samborra (Bon Jovi) & Orianthi as part of the Malibu Guitar Festival.

By summer I had signed a worldwide label deal with Mascot Label Group’s Provogue and did a 21 show tour in the USA & Canada with Kaya Stewart for The Go-Go’s final tour. During the tour, my song “100 To Zero” hit #2 on the DRT Pop Top 20 Charts.

In the fall of 2016 I was nominated for Best Young Songwriter at the 2016 Toronto Independent Music Awards and opened for, then performed with Rik Emmitt of Triumph. I returned to LA for pre-production on the upcoming Blues/Americana album with the amazing producer Fabrizio Grossi.

I am heading back down to LA now to attend Drum-off, NAMM and put the final touches on the new album which will be out in spring 2017. I am also opening for Beth Hart’s “Fire on the Floor” tour of Germany in May.

Lyric Dubee Performs Live


Lyric has come a long way since that little 14 year old boy sitting on his back porch putting together a new song. He now has four albums BROKEN DREAMS, ALIVE, BLACK ICE, & COMBAT OF LOVE all of which can be obtained through his Web Store or iTunes.

I think it goes without saying that Lyric is not just the run of the mill artist who is seeking fame and fortune. When we first found him he was pounding out the chords and lyrics for his second album and the song “Perfection” He said in that clip;

“My future goal is to become a working musician all over the world.”

The Accomplishment of an Aim or Purpose

Lyric, You’ve traveled Canada & the US. Last year you toured Japan & China, and now your heading for Germany to perform. Your working to finalize your fifth album, you front your own band, and your still topping the Charts with your songs….. if this is not the definition of SUCCESS…. I don’t know what is!!!!!!


To learn more about Lyric Dubee visit:

We are happy to announce that the Canadian award winning and multi-genre artist Lyric Dubee will be joining is on our tour through Germany in May 2017.

He has been busy recording his 5th, but first album on Provogue (Mascot Label Group) with producer Fabrizio Grossi, which will be released later this year. More details on this will follow soon.

Beth Hart Fire on the Floor Tour Dates:

May 12, Haus Auersee, Leipzig, Germany
May 14, Columbiahall, Berlin, Germany
May 16, Laeiszhalle, Hamburg, Germany
May 18, Theater am Aegi, Hannover, Germany
May 20, Kurhaus, Baden-Baden, Germany
May 22, Capitol, Offenbach, Germany (sold out!)
May 24, Historische Stadthall, Wuppertal, Germany
May 26, Capitol, Mannheim, Germany
May 27, Burg Wilhelmstein, Wurselen, Germany
May 29, Circus Krone, Munich, Germany

Tickets can also be purchased at


Henno William Performs Live

“Some youngsters are born with talent, and just simply destined for greatness!” Rivenmaster

Henno William Live at piano
Henno William Live at piano

Since Henno William received the first ever ‘Got-Talent’ golden buzzer in South Africa a year ago, his life has been a rollercoaster ride of lights, cameras, and action! The 13-year-old singer, songwriter and pianist, has recently been signed by NYC-based music executive, Kevin Liles, and together with his management and PR teams, Henno has been preparing to launch his music career in the USA and internationally.

“2016 was great, but 2017 is going to be even better!” Henno has two new singles and a music video ready for release early in the year. “One of the songs was produced by Adam Watts and Gannin Arnold from Broken City Studios in LA. They also produced songs for artists like Demi Levato, Miley Cyrus, and Kelly Clarkson. That is pretty major and the song is going to be such a huge hit – I just know it!” Henno also has a number of concerts planned for the year, and will record some more songs for his very first EP album he hopes to release by the end of the year.

“And in between all of this, I still have to do my school work.” Henno currently home-schools on a US-based curriculum as he and his family are preparing to relocate to the USA. “I miss going to a normal school where I have friends, but when we’re in the States I will definitely go back into a normal school. I love to hang with friends, and just to do normal stuff teens do.”

Henno William 03
13 Year Old Singer, Songwriter, Performer Henno William

Each year working directly with Producer/Director Rick Stevenson, Rivenmaster recommends up to three young artists to attend “Prodigy Camp” which is held just outside Seattle, WA. It is with great pleasure that we can announce that this July Henno will be one of 10 young musicians from across the world to participate in this very prestigious Camp for young musicians. “It’s such a huge honor. I’m really looking forward to this! Being in Africa, and being a teenager, I don’t always get the opportunity to really workshop with other musicians. This is going to be epic!”


Henno’s success didn’t just fall from the sky – A lot of time and hard work went into honing his talent. He has taken piano lessons from a young age, and started with formal vocal training at the age of 10. Henno participated in various national talent contests in South Africa and in 2014 he was awarded the Junior Vocal Winner of the South African Talent Championships. In 2015 he was the overall junior winner of Talent Africa, and was the National Eisteddfod Academy’s silver medalist in its Performer of the Year 2015 contest. “All of this helped me to grow my talent, and helped me develop my stage and performance skills.”

Henno in Studio 2016
Henno in Studio

When Henno is not on stage behind the piano, singing in studio, or doing media interviews, he loves to shoot hoops, or play soccer with his friends. He loves to play X-box games, and just to hang out at the mall. He also loves the outdoors, and when he and his family have a get-away-chance, they love going on Safari in some of the reserves close to their home in Pretoria.

Over the past seven years this site has introduced some of the best young artist from around the world who have ever taken the stage! It does not take much of a prediction regarding Henno William. This young man has everything it takes to become a real star!

All I can say is, “Fasten your seatbelts. 2017 is going to be one awesome ride for Henno William!”

If you missed Henno’s introductory article on Torchlight Talent be sure to


Henno William


For more about Henno William visit:

Twitter @HennoWilliam

William Coallier 11 Year Old French Canadian Prodigy


William Coallier is a fantastically talented 11-year-old from Montreal, Canada.

He sings, he acts in both film and stage, and recently he has even hosted some major events. He has a full schedule as a professional artist: it is mind blowing how much this boy has achieved already in his short life.

For some time now we have been featuring on the front page William’s most recent music video project, “One Call Away”!

In this amazingly produced video by David Choinière, William performs a duet with Raphaël Roberge who was guest featured here just a couple of months ago! The two boys were both so convincing in their acting in this video that I first thought they were brothers performing together. After contacting William’s family I quickly learned that that was not the case and found out much more about this amazing 11 year old singer/actor/performer!

william-coallier3William proves that he is as capable of singing in a modern pop style as in his more powerful, musical theatre voice. Furthermore, he sings competently in English as well as his native French.

It is with great pleasure that I refer you to Torchlight Talent for William’s Full Feature Introductory Article where you will learn all about his amazing vocal and acting talent.

I for one am captivated with his ability to allow his personality to shine through, whether on stage or behind a mic!

Thank you Matthew Todd for compiling such a wonderful publication for our mutual Canadian friend!

william-coallier-profile2GO READ THE ARTICLE NOW!

TimoTi Sannikov Israel’s Pride and Joy!



Here at Rivenmaster’s Promotion we have introduced over 150 young artists from every inhabitable continent in the world. However, one place we had not yet reached until recently,…….. “the beautiful country of Israel.”

This past week Matthew Todd introduced 13 year old TimoTi Sannikov on Torchlight Talent!

While I personally have seen literally thousands of music videos over the years, TimoTi’s latest project is probably one of finest choreographed and scenic music videos I have ever seen. Couple that with TimoTi vocal ability which in my opinion is perfection, makes this video simply eye candy on steroids!

The video was shot in one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in Israel – “Timna Park” which is located in the south, in the valley which boasts the oldest copper mine in the world . Although it’s featured within the Torchlight Talent article I just had to display it again here as it’s worthy of viewing more than twice!


timoti-sannikov-desertTimoTi Talent Plus!

TimoTi was a Finalist on “Be a Star” in 2013 as well as competing in other competitions like “Slavansky Bazar, four Television projects “Music Family” & “The Voice Russia” in 2014 and 2015 respectively, “New Wave Junior 2015”, and “The Voice Ukraine 2016”. He appeared as one of the main actors in “Billy Elliot The Musical Israel 2016”, was a six time winner of Grand-Prix in the International Festival and was a prize winner in many other festivals held in Israel, Russia, Italy, France, Chech-Republic and Lativia!

TimoTi describes his music as energetic and joyful. He says he enjoys showing much emotion when he is singing and performing which can be seen by visiting his YouTube Channel.

To find the links to all of TimoTi’s social media sites and to learn more about this amazing 13 year old artist visit TORCHLIGHT TALENT NOW!







Raphaël Roberge Actor, Singer, Recording Artist

Raphael Roberge

Rivenmaster has always been known for introducing some of youngest new talent on the web, many who are just beginning their musical adventures. Until now, those being featured have been between the ages of 6 and 18. However, with the restructuring of the trio of promotional websites .org, net and com, we now are afforded the opportunity to feature young talented adults. That being said we are excited to bring you todays Featured Artist, “Raphaël Roberge”.

Raphaël Roberge performs his single “Libre Comme L’air”

Raphaël first came to our attention through a recent YouTubeVideo where he performed with the young talented William Coallier who will soon have his own feature on Torchlight Talent as well as being promoted here.

I was simply taken back with these two exceptionally talented Canadian artists. They complemented one another amazingly, not only in their vocals, but in carrying out the role of brothers. In fact they were so convincing I actually thought they were brothers in real life! Well done guys!

As soon as I finished viewing their video I began contacting them about being featured here. Raphaël was kind enough to share his story and accomplishments regarding his acting and singing career.

Raphaël The Actor & Singer

Raphaël Roberge

From a young age Raphaël Roberge realised that he was a movie buff as well as a music enthusiast. He took a variety of classes including; Theater, Film Acting, Musical Theater, Diction and Improvisation; he quickly realised that he wanted to act.

In 2010, he started to take vocal lessons to add it to his resume… He now had two passions, singing and acting. This duel ambition soon led him into participating in a number of amateur singing contests.

Several shootings to his credit include; “Ni plus Ni Moi, C.A”, “Un Tueur si proche” (in French) and also some English projects including: “This Life” and “Compiling” as well as some stage plays and musicals.


In 2014, he was selected from more than 6,000 candidates for a singing competition called Mix4 that was broadcasted on Vrak, a popular channel for teenagers in Quebec. It was an enriching experience that gave him the occasion to meet people with the same passion, industry people, and to tour across Quebec and New-Brunswick for 50 representations including the “Francofolies”, (a concert with 15,000 attendies).

In the summer of 2015 Raphaël appeared more than 15 times in solo performances, two of which included: St-Jean Richelieu balloon festival, & le festiblues).

In September 2015 he was cast in l’Aventure Magique as Peter Pan. They did more than 60 shows across Quebec and Ontario. This show gave him the occasion to explore a more theatrical style of acting.

Watch Raphaël in this English version of his Original Hit Single “Alive”

Raphaël is also very active socially. In 2015 he was the spokesperson in Ste-Thérèse, (where he lives), for the week of intellectual disabilities. This is a cause that’s really important to him because he believes everyone should be treated equally.

Raphaël Roberge

Raphaël acted as a judge for singing contests as well as well as for oral presentations contests.

Raphaël The Recording Artist:

Raphaël released his first single “Libre Comme L’air” on June 15, 2015. The single reached a peak of #4 on the iTunes French Pop chart and #60 in one the L’adisq charts. The song has 10,000 plays on Spotify and 9,000 views on YouTube. He also released a single called “Menaces Invisibles” and his first single in English “Alive

His first EP was released on December 15, 2015 and reached the top 15 on the iTunes French pop chart. He launched the EP on December 14 to a sold-out crowd.

Raphaël stays busy promoting his original material and writing.

To learn more about Raphaël Visit:

Sheridan Archbold Born Singer, Performer, Actor


Authoring for the Rivenmaster network has brought me into contact with some of the most talented kids in the world. Watching their talent grow and expand is one of the many privileges that comes from this particular position.


The Singer:

We first met and introduced Sheridan Archbold in the summer of 2014. He was then 12 years old and being billed as “The World’s Youngest Soprano Crossover Operatic Singer.” Today at 14, the dust has not yet settled from his trip to Italy where he made history being the first 13 year old boy soprano to perform the role of “Cherubino” in an opera scene “Le Nozze di Figaro by W.A. Mozart”. Alas time has a way of changing a young mans voice so his soprano voice will now be forever preserved in YouTube clips and on the Christmas Child CD produced by Matthew and Nathan Todd.

In the past, children were not readily accepted to sing in an opera designed for seasoned vocal performers. However, with todays expanding technology, the world has been made smaller and talent like Sheridan’s is being discovered and awarded opportunities in ways that never before would have been possible.

The Performer:

Sheridan was greatly honored to share his talent in the Mozart Marathon at the Tuscia Opera and Erturia Musica Festival in Tarquinia, Italy. All six performances were accompanied by a fabulous symphony orchestra conducted by well known Italian conductor Maestro Stefano Vignati, and received an astounding reception by the Italian audience.

Sheridan Performing in Italy!
Sheridan Performing in Italy!

As soon as Sheridan returned home he conducted a series of performances at different cities for both corporate and private events. In the fall of 2015 Sheridan was invited to appear on Chicago television in the “Windy City Live’s Most Talented Kids” program. The program received such good ratings that it aired twice, the second time on prime time Thanksgiving Day.

Sheridan appears on Chicago Television “Windy City Live”

In addition to those notable appearances Sheridan continues to share his talent in the local community. You will often find him performing at different city, charity, patriotic and private events. This past summer he performed at the Grand Marshall reception, at the annual Pearl Harbor memorial, Fourth of July and Memorial Day city events.

Sheridan Performing at YAA in Los Angeles, CA 2015
Sheridan Performing at YAA in Los Angeles, CA 2015

Sheridan was also invited to perform in Los Angeles CA at the 37th Annual Young Artist Awards. Sheridan executed a noticeable performance of the famous opera era “Avant de quitter ces lieux” from Opera “Faust” by Charles Gounod in the modern rhythmic arrangement, that is suited to a younger audience.

Sheridan taking interview at YAA 2015
Sheridan taking interview at YAA 2015

This year Sheridan also had the honor of performing in New York with the New York Lyric Opera at Carnegie Hall, the New York National Opera Center, and other prestigious venues.

Sheridan performs at Carnegie Hall NYC
Sheridan performs at Carnegie Hall NYC

He showed his comedic side in the comedic opera “Le Cadi Dupé” by Christoph Gluck. It was hilarious! He also performed pieces of Mazetto from “Don Giovanni” by Mozart and took part in a very emotional opera ” Dei Fledermaus” by Strauss. Sheridan really enjoyed his stay in NYC where he had the opportunity to meet with many great musicians and industry professionals.

Sheridan performs in New York City National Opera Center
Sheridan performs in New York City National Opera Center

The Actor:

In parallel to his singing events, in January of this year Sheridan debuts in a lead role as Sheridan Cantarelli in the comedy-drama Web TV series “Making It Again?”


The inspirational story line behind “Making It Again?” is about a fourteen year old boy named Sheridan Cantarelli, who used to be a talented boy soprano, but after a few years of performing in front of large audiences, he decides to take a break and live like a normal, everyday kid.

After taking a couple of years off, he once again desires to get back into singing however, everything has changed. His Manager isn’t very interested in managing him anymore and the previous opportunities he had are now gone. Sheridan must work very hard using every ounce of determination he can muster, while encouraging himself that he has not been forgotten for his past accomplishments. Putting his determination into action, he begins singing and performing again so he can be an inspiration, encouragement, and example to his generation of how to never give up, pursue your goals, and fulfill your dreams.

Sheridan as a Pirate in a Dream Sequence from the Series.
Sheridan as a Pirate in a Dream Sequence from the Series.

I was privileged to be on the set for the last shoot of a dream sequence where Sheridan played three different crazy characters who were supposedly on a game show competing for a date with a beautiful girl. I think you will enjoy these comedic routines played out in the following clips.

Dream Sequence reel:

The last Episode will be filmed in October. After editing it will be available on You Tube and other web series networks.

Acting in this web series has helped Sheridan to grow as an actor, to understand the differences and similarities between singing on a big stage and acting in a studio in front of a camera. Having witnessed the last shooting held in the Chicago area first hand, I must say that both the cast and crew are all very professional. The characters in this web series are excellently portrayed and are sure to make a hit with it’s viewing audience.

Sheridan is planning to continue acting along with his singing career and is excited about what lies ahead for him in the coming years.

To learn more about Sheridan you can visit:


The Jungle Book Stories 1997 – 2016 Mowgli- Jamie Williams / Neel Sethi


With the recent release of “The Jungle Book” by Disney I was intrigue to go back in time a bit to visit some early telling of this great story on film.

You might think that the older a person gets, that they would no longer enjoy the simple feel good films created by Hollywood’s great film makers. But this is not always the case!

I just viewed for the first time the 1997 film “Mowgli and Baloo” Directed by Duncan McLachlan starring Jamie Williams as Mowgli. Jamie was just 10 years old when he shot this film in 1996 and released in 1997. His fine acting awarded him the “Award of excellence – Most Promising Young Male Newcomer”. Sadly he did not have many staring roles in film after that performance, but did star in a Television Series called “Safe Harbor”, as Jeff Loring.

While the 1997 film holds true to many of the films of that day like Tarzan, full of actual animal actors, fun loving monkeys, bear, tiger, and the pack of wolves, it was also full of laughs, slapstick, and adventure where nobody is seriously injured.

“You just have to love these older films.”

Jamie Williams Mowgli2

Jamie Williams who is now 30 years old did an incredible job with his portrayal of Mowgli pulling off a most believable characterization of the wild boy raised by wolves.


Now of course we have the newcomer Neel Sethi who played Mowgli in the new 2016 release of the Jungle Book which was delightfully entertaining both on the big screen and on my home theater.

Neel Sethi Mowgli 2016
Neel Sethi wonderfully portrays Mowgli in Disney’s New 2016 version of “The Jungle Book”

I never caught myself comparing the two young actors because each one was extraordinary! I do think it’s uncanny their actual physical resemblance however, and must give credit to the film makers for wading through all the auditions to find just the right boy actor for the role.

I’m not sure who had the greater difficulty with filming. A boy who actually may have had to interface with live snakes, a bear, a wolf, and panther, or a young man who had to use his imagination to interact with animal characters that were physically absent in the shoot.

Watching Neel interact with these imaginary animals using every facial expression that a boy could make truly made this film seem real. While the digital world created by the genius of Disney deserve much credit for pulling this off it was Neel’s ability to draw the audience into his world that made this movie magical!

Regardless, both films are worth the watch! Two differently spun stories yet both not deviating from the original tale of this innocent lad growing up in the wild with only animals as friends and family.

I loved both of these films and want to encourage you to purchase both for your libraries to share with you children and grandchildren for many years to come.

Christian Lalama Creative, Charismatic, Canadian


Some young artists who begin their musical, singing, and performing careers truly stand out from the crowd. Today’s featured artists is without a doubt one of those STANDOUT YOUNG ARTSITS!
Christian Lalama BWTwelve year old Christian Lalama seems to jump from your computer screen immediately into your heart. His bubbling personality not only shows through in his short video clips that he exuberantly and faithfully shares each week, but even more so through his professionally orchestrated and produced music videos.

When we first spotted Christian we immediately reached out to his Management Team. I found out that they had just left the county traveling to Italy to attend a wedding and some other family functions. While I was disappointed that I had to wait for them to return to set up a feature article, I grew even more excited after seeing his music video for his new original song entitled ‘Beautiful’ and could not wait to showcase it for all our readers here and for him to have his Full Feature Article on Torchlight Talent!

You will read in Christians Full Feature Article just who he attributes the inheritance of his special talents to. While it may be true that some of this talent may be inherited ….. Christian’s charm is all his own.

No young artist can make it in this industry without the support of amazing parents, family, and friends. Christian is blessed with an abundance of this kind of support. For this we are very grateful, because Christian is one we truly want to see make it for many years to come.

Christian’s voice is yet unbroken which I personally find exhilarating right now. Like all boys we know this will change, but as I watch him sing expressing so much passion and determination with every note I have no reservation in predicting that in a few years Christian Lalama is going to be in great demand for major concerts and musical productions.


Check out Christian on all his Social Media Sites!

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Canadian Artist Beamer Wigley Releases Hit Single


The Rivenmaster Network has introduced many young artists over the years but there are only a handful who stay the course. This group of persevering young artists are the ones who continue to grow their careers in astonishing ways as they gain more and more respect within the Entertainment Industry.

Beamer with GuitarCanadian Actor, Singer, Songwriter, and Performer Beamer Wigley is one of these young artist that just keeps on amazing us with bigger and more notable accomplishments.

Much has happened for Beamer since the last update. He has continued to win multiple awards, including one that he is especially proud of, the Inaugural Penticton and Region Youth Arts Award for ages 25 and under in 2014. He has also continued with his acting career, adding another musical theater performance in the challenging role of “Toby’ in Sweeney Todd followed the next year with various vocal lead roles in Broadway Musicals in Concert. He also was 4th lead in the Normal Rockwell movie, “ A Christmas Tail”. He continued with his vocal training in both classical and theater, and in competitions at the annual Kiwanis Music Festival, he won 1st place in both, then was invited to the Provincials for musical theater where he also won first place for that as well as Musical Variety.

Beamer Wigley Playing Guitar 1Through his management, Invictus Entertainment Group and Big Star Recordings, he has enjoyed the opportunity of opening a number of larger events, including three times for the Canadian country star George Canyon, as well as recently for another country star and chart leader Aaron Pritchett. In around those, he has enjoyed many of his own slots including the nationally televised ‘Childrens Variety Telethon’ in Vancouver plus a multiple appearances at major festivals. In 2016, he was invited to open the B.C. Winter Games in his home town, and for the first time he played his set with a full band in front of 5,000 attendees, including a song that he had co-written specially for that event.

In the fall of 2015, he traveled to Las Vegas to meet personally with the legendary rock star photographer, Robert M. Knight, well known throughout the music industry for his the long list of famous performers credits including Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, Santana and many others. ( During that visit, Robert did a beautiful photo shoot in a desert ghost town outside of Vegas and then introduced Beamer to Music Man/Ernie Ball Guitars, which very soon afterwards became an endorsement for him from that company. He also got him into the Brotherhood of The Guitars, a worldwide group of highly talented younger musicians from many different countries.

Beamer Wigley Meteorite CoverAll through these months he continued to write and co-write songs, and in the spring of 2016, he started recording his first album with two highly regarded producers. He then made his first official music video to support his first release, ‘Meteorite” from the album of the same name. Meteorite was released to I-Tunes and radio in mid-July and already has enjoyed radio play across the country and is receiving high acclaim. It even beat out songs by both country legend Toby Keith and Jason Blains on a major radio challenge show. The video aired exclusively on YTV over a two week period before going on a one week digital exclusive with Vents Magazine. It was then released publicly on Youtube July 27th.

Meanwhile Beamer filmed his 2nd music video to support the upcoming release of his next single, ‘Boombox’. The date for that release has not yet been set. His album will debut on Sept. 9th in London Ontario during the annual CCMA Awards. He will also be performing during that event at ‘Diamonds in The Rough’ as well as alongside other major artists at the Invictus party.

Beamer Wigley Performs-min

Although his 1st album has not yet been released, Beamer continues to write new songs to include in his 2nd album which he hopes to start recording early in 2017. In July and August this year, he’s also in the musical theater show ‘Grease’, where he plays the role of Roger (from the Broadway version), one of the rocking T-Birds! In among all of this, he managed to fit in two radio tours in throughout B.C. and Alberta to promote himself and his new single.

Beamer Performs Dallas Smith’s – One Little Kiss live

This fall he plans a return trip to Nashville to do some more co-writing and meeting more industry people. Beamer knows how difficult the music industry can be for up and coming artists, and he is working hard to continue to improve his skills, create new music and continue the dream that started when he was 5, to become a successful country artist like his idol, Keith Urban.

For more about Beamer Wigley Visit:


Spencer Kane 0716

It’s hard to believe the young 5 foot something boy from Indiana we met back in 2011 is already in his sixth year of pursuing a music career.

Rivenmaster published one of the first articles about this budding young star with a smooth tenor voice. In fact, it’s been a remarkable journey watching Spencer grow into a handsome young man who recently moved from home to his own place in the music capital of the world, Nashville, Tennessee.

Spencer-KaneSpencer Kane is about to turn 20 years old in October, has toured since he was 15, been on a TV sitcom for 2 seasons, appeared in the recent national film God’s Not Dead 2 and is slated to make a cameo in the upcoming family film CAMP COOL KIDS (Spring 2017).

His musical style has evolved through the awkward season of male puberty which can wreak havoc on a boy’s voice. Starting with more of an acoustic pop genre similar to Jason Mraz, he experimented with an electronic dance sound on his first EP titled ONE OF THE KIND in 2013. The music video for the anti-bullying title track yielded over 100,000 views on Youtube in less than a few months to make his internet presence known among young teen artists. In 2014 he released a full album which featured another shift in genre including the Billboard charting #2 single “RUNWAY”. The track was produced by Grammy winning Tyshane (Lecrae) and provided a strong foundation for Spencer’s national presence as an upcoming artist to be taken seriously. In 2015, he garnered his first award with the NEXT BIG THING title from the We Love Music Awards organization. With over 150 live shows and some 70,000 miles under his belt across the U.S. in a few short years, he began work on his new independent album titled KANE.

Kane Album Cover

“I think working with so many professional producers in Nashville helped me understand how to create in the studio and when I was given the chance to write music the way I love to listen to music, it really opened my creative side,” said Spencer about his new album. “I love vocal production that is very detailed and involves a lot of harmonies and ad-libs and this new album really showcases my voice like never before.”

Commuting to Atlanta and Chicago in the fall of 2015 to record this latest album, Spencer explored a few music styles from ballads to straight pop and pure urban R&B, to even recording his first rap in the song called Love a Lil Bit. He released the album’s first single NEW LEVEL in early June and is seeing several radio adds around the country.

Most important to Spencer is his Christian faith and this new project is the first full faith based album he has recorded. Most of his previous work held a dual audience approach wherein the lyrics were positive and faith based, but could be played easily on a non-faith radio station. This new project is 100% centered around his faith walk with God and the lyrics clearly demonstrate his journey as a Christian teen. Songs like “God Stole My Heart”, “Love A Lil Bit” andDiagram” are overtly written about a Christian life and some of the challenges a person faces. The single NEW LEVEL speaks of how God helps us to move to newer levels of faith and how we should do our best to keep climbing closer spiritually to God.

Spencer Kane Street

After recording half the album, Spencer was invited to audition for Island Records in Los Angeles by the former manager and creator of the world famous One Direction. He spent four days meeting with label executives and returned home only to receive a heartbreaking call that while they love his talent, he was not the right fit for their vision at the time. It was only a few days later that he received a phone call from founding member Caleb Grimm of the Pop Christian Group, Anthem Lights in Nashville. Alan Powell, another founding member, chose to continue his professional entertainment career as a movie actor and film director and was leaving the band. They had watched Spencer’s career over the years and felt he may be a good fit to join them. In a matter of 48 hours, they flew him to Tampa to meet at one of their concerts and within a week they extended an offer for him to replace Alan. This was early November. By January, he worked through details of joining Anthem Lights and on February 5, 2016, he was announced as the newest member of the group. The caveat being that he was not required to quit his solo music or acting career. In fact, they felt it would only enhance his membership in the group to have him staying involved in his solo brand.

I posted a Patriotic Music Medley that the boys produced for Independence Day on my personal Facebook this past July 4th, but its just too amazing not to share again in this publication.

Since joining Anthem Lights, Spencer finished a spring tour of six states with The Millennial Tour as a solo artist and concluded dates in the Hawaiian islands in April also as a solo artist. He moved to Nashville in early March and recently signed his first apartment lease. He tours and records with Anthem Lights while releasing songs on iTunes and Youtube with the group as well as his own cover songs and original music.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled for his development as an artist, but more in seeing how God is using his notoriety to reach young people with the Christian faith. He is not pushy about it but just connects with his fans on social media and through his lyrics in a way that seems to be helping them,” stated his dad and manager, Patrick Hess. “I remember the first video he posted on YouTube and the massive hate he received from school and community young people because he was pursuing music in addition to his basketball and baseball passion. I remember his crying at times because it got so bad. Looking back though, I see the fingerprints of God on his path and how he has been able to take that adversity and help others along the way,” he added.

Spencer July 2016

Spencer’s social media following has grown to well over 100,000 fans on his different accounts and more recently increased after Anthem Lights America Medley surpassed 11 million video views in only 4 days over the fourth of July weekend. It was a truly inspiring song that reached young and old alike and exposed his musical talents to a whole new audience that have chosen to follow his solo career as well.

The new album RELEASED TODAY JULY 22ND on all digital platforms and the first single NEW LEVEL shown above, features an official music video that shows scenes from his spring tour dates.

Spencer is now 6’3” and sporting beard stubble while living on his own in Nashville. All I can say is that it’s been a pleasure to watch him grow in his character and skill as an artist and become a very likable young man and role model to a generation normally forced to listen to destructive lyrics and music.

In closing I want to leave you with Spencer’s Most Popular Music Video. In fact this video Cover Song, has garnered about 400,000 streams on Spotify and is his #1 all-time download from iTunes to date. ENJOY!

Congratulations Spencer and we’ll keep an eye out for you in the music scene and on the big screen.

For more about Spencer Kane Visit:

Alex B – Reaching for the Stars!

Alex B 2016 banner

Alex B has grown leaps and bounds as an artist since we last saw him in 2012. He had just released his song “Will You Be My Girl” which at the time had about 2,000 views online and today has a staggering 11.5 million views!

Now at 16 years old Alex is quickly making a name for himself in the music industry. His music has also grown along with him. This can easily be seen in his music video for his original song “Back To You” which was released this past January!


Alex B


Due to Alex’s rising fame he and his brother, Ricky, decided to call it quits with their cover band Lil Rock so Alex could focus more on his budding solo career. In the years that have passed Alex’s love of music has never faltered. The passion he has for singing and performing has only grown and with the support of his entire family, he is reaching for the stars. Alex eats, sleeps, and breathes music making sure to work on, not only singing, but also dancing every day.


With no limits to his vocal and performance abilities, Alex now has the opportunity to work with big name music producers. Years of hard work and dedication to his craft have developed Alex into one of the rising stars in pop music. Alex’s talents and abilities have caught the attention of some of the biggest names in the industry.


Alex B CoverAlex released an EP in early 2015 featuring three of his originals, which can be purchased on iTunes. Later that same year, Alex became the #1 featured emerging artist on the “Now 54” compilation CD.

With growing popularity online Alex recently began a partnership with AwesomenessTV through which he was given the opportunity to perform at this year’s Vidcon.

Recently, Alex was asked to appear on the first season of the kids’ show Wonderama. Airing nationally in October 2016 and reaching 40 million homes. They enjoyed working with him and have invited him to come back in upcoming seasons.

In the future Alex is looking forward to going out on tours and doing what he loves the most, meeting and performing for his fans.

Alex has many creative music videos on his YouTube Channel which tell a story as well as entertain both the eyes and the ears. Whether he is doing a cover like in this song by Justin Timberlake, or an original, Alex is always entertaining and upbeat. When Alex is singing you just can’t help but feel excitement and joy.

There is no doubt that Alex B is one young artist that is not only reaching for the stars but already seeing them dancing in the eyes of every teen girl fan.

With looks charm, talent, and a fan base that just keeps expanding, Alex B is well on his way to the top!

Watch Alex B’s Latest Q&A



Frano Zivkovic 11yo Virtuoso

Frano Zivkovic Guitar Banner

Frano Zivkovic Guitar1

Frano Zivkovic is an eleven year old Croatian child prodigy who plays guitar and many other instruments.

Frano not only is an amazing young musician but also composes his own music in a variety of styles. His musical skills have to be seen to be believed!

If you met him you would find him to be wonderfully kind hearted and passionate about life. He is a boy who truly desires to use his music to make others happy.

He spends much of his time touring schools where he gives concerts and encourages other children to work hard to achieve their dreams. . .


Watch Frano’s Amazing Guitar Skills

You will find his Full Length Feature Article Today and all this week Featured on TORCHLIGHT TALENT.

Frano Zivkovic Guitar2


Also be sure to look for the links to Frano’s Social Media Sites so you can learn more about him and don’t forget to leave him a comment letting him know how much you enjoy his music.

Rivenmaster is so happy to have Torchlight Talent bringing such amazing young artists to all of our attention.

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Tanner Massey Tremendously Talented Treble

Tanner Massey Train

Tanner Massey was first introduced to this site by Matthew Todd of Torchlight Talent and published on Rivenmaster’s Place last September in a feature called Tanner Massey – an adventure begins!

Tanner Massey cropTree-minTanner now 12 years old is well on his way to a great singing career working hard everyday to improve his vocal and performances skills.

Having supported young artists now for over seven years and worked personally with a few, I have learned to spot a youngster who has a real passion and drive for the performing arts.

Tanner has all the ingredients for success…. possessing vocal skill, personality, drive, passion, and the desire to bring joy when sharing his talent with his audience. Whether he is performing live on his YouNow Channel or in front of a live audience, you can see his genuine personality shine through.

This week Tanner’s Full Feature Update can be found on Torchlight Talent which includes all the latest news of what Tanner has been doing since last September.

Tanner is just starting out in his musical adventure but I can assure you that he is not going away! This boy is determined to succeed which can be easily seen in his Music Video called “Why Not Me”….

“I don’t care what people say
Im going to do it anyway
I’ll show you, I guarantee
So, Why not me!”

For all the latest regarding Tanner Massey and for all his Social Media links continue on to:

Torchlight Talent
Tanner Massey – singing his way to stardom!


Owen Mac – Northern Irelands Newest Star

Owen Mac Wheat Field 2016

From a country home in Northern Ireland comes the angelic voice of 13 year old Owen Mac. Owen has a voice that instantly captures your attention. His ability to charm an audience in just a few bars with one of his Irish melodies is something to behold.
Owen Mac sitting

Owen was brought to this websites attention after a video was posted on Facebook by UK’s country artist legend Jimmy Buckley.

Influenced largely by his singing Father, Owen jetted on the internet scene when he sang a song live on stage at a BBC Radio broadcast. His song received 245,000 views in just one week.

This confidence builder helped Owen to continue to sing which is making his now international audience very happy.

Owen has already sung with some of Ireland’s greatest country singers and you can be sure that this boy is just getting started and destined to become one of them.

Owen’s Full Feature Story with exclusive interview can be found today on Torchlight Talent so be sure you use THIS LINK to read all about Owen Mac Ireland’s Newest Star!

In the past year Owen has recorded 6 songs and 4 videos and appeared with 3 top country singers…Jimmy Buckley…John Hogan and Joe Davitt with the latest being Jimmy Buckley who acknowledged his singing when he saw the video of him singing one of his songs and it reached 1 million hits in 4 days.

You can purchase Owens Music by visiting his FACEBOOK PAGE ….. Use FB Messenger to contact his parents. They will in turn furnish you with Owen’s PayPal address where you can remit your payment for his new singles.


I’m confident that Owen will have a full CD for all of us to purchase before too long, and you can be sure you will hear about it here!

Keep up the great work Owen everyone is so very proud of you!


Theo Constantin Romania’s Rising Star!

Theo Constantin Profile HS 2016

Theo Constantin Red GuitarTheo Constantin was first introduced to this promotional network last November by Matthew Todd who now independently authors TORCHLIGHT TALENT! Since that time, we have been keeping up with this amazing young performer and have learned much about him through his manager and producer as well as from Theo himself.

Theo Constantin BootsTheo is not only exceptionally talented musically, but has a wonderful, caring, and passionate personality. The passion and expression witnessed in his performances is truly genuine, and is proven by his continual and consistent drive to perfect his skills.

Just a little over two weeks ago, Theo released his brand new Single “Up And Down” which has already racked up over 1,600 views. For a new artists this is quite remarkable and speaks loudly about where Theo is headed in the near future.


We are pleased to announce that today on TORCHLIGHT TALENT you can read the full EXCLUSIVE UPDATE regarding Theo. USE THIS LINK to find out just what Theo has been doing since his last feature article.

Congratulations Theo on all your recent accomplishments! Be assured that we will continue to support you in your musical journey! You are without a doubt………

Romania’s Rising Star!



Sam V
Sam V

Of all the artists that Rivenmaster has supported and published articles about over the years, New Zealand’s Sam V or as I personally know him as Sam Verlinden, has been one who has persistently shown dedication to perfecting his already amazing vocal talent.

From the first time I saw one of his music videos there was no doubt in my mind that this young man, boy at the time, was going to make it big!

Sam released his debut hit single “I Just Wanna Love U” in Feb 2016. The track was selected by the ANZ Bank to front their new tertiary campaign “Fortune Favors the Brave”. The campaign involved surprising Sam with the making of a Music Video, choreographed by World Award Winning choreographer Parris Goebel and her Dance Crew ReQuest.



Now, with nearly a million combined views on social media, Sam stays busy doing interviews and appearances – and more latterly has been writing new material.

I think the thing that has impressed me the most about Sam V, is that he never allowed his amazing musical prowess to get in the way of having a normal life and being just one of the guys. While he is every bit a celebrity in his own right, he has always maintained that simple easy going guy mentality, playing rugby, being active with his friends, and just plain growing up while enjoying the journey of life!

Sam has just started tertiary education after being awarded two scholarships (for 3 yrs) to study Communications at Auckland University of Technology – AUT.

Congratulations Sam on all your amazing success!

Please know how very proud we all are of you and what you have accomplished! Keep the music coming!

Connect with Sam on his Social Media Sites:

Watch The Making of “I Just Wanna Love U”

Ky Baldwin Awesome Aussie!

Ky Baldwin Profile Photo 2016
Ky Baldwin

Last year in July Matthew Todd introduced Rivenmaster’s Place to the amazing fourteen year old singer, dancer, vocal recording artist and performer Ky Baldwin from Sidney Australia!

All of Ky’s music is youthful exciting and fun to listen to. Even his early works like his original song “Lara”, with his high soprano voice singing one octave higher than the other boys in the video was exhilarating.

While Ky is still growing and his voice developing he has found the ability to use his falsetto to retain those higher notes that is the desire of every young vocal artist! He smoothly goes in and out of his breaking range which to someone not paying attention would not even realize it as it sounds like his full voice.

Ky is an interesting young artist because he brings so much character and personality into his performances. The little growl he adds to his new cover of “Remind Me” is just an example of what we are to expect in the future from Ky!

Thanks Matthew Todd for bringing Ky to our attention you can rest assured that we are keeping a close eye on this AWESOME AUSSIE!

BE SURE TO READ HIS ARTICLE HERE! and visit Ky on his Social Media Sites:


Toby Lee UK’s 11 Year Old Blues Boy!

Toby Lee BW

Toby Lee



Not since Rivenmaster’s Place was introduced to the young blues boy from Wisconsin Tallan Nobel Latz have I been so impressed with a youngster playing the blues! Although Toby is only 11 years old he already plays like a pro and there is no question that he has had some great inspirations since he was just 4 years old, Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary Moore and BB King, just to name a few of his early favorites.

Toby has had some great help along the way with one of his videos being noticed by Blues icon Joe Bonamassa, who posted it to page and meeting Uriah Heeps Mick Box who mentors him to this day.

But regardless of all this background circumstance this boy has TRUE UNDENIABLE TALENT. Toby Lee is one to really keep your eye on!

Abraham Mateo “Old School”



are-you-ready-by-abraham-mateoWhen Abraham Mateo first made his appearance on he was only 13 years old!

Already a musical and acting sensation and signed by Sony Spain. His Feature Article drew more than 950 single reads on the first day of publication which was January 28th, 2012.

Now 17. and soon to reach adult age this August, Abraham has truly kept his vocal talent through the challenging years and brings us his pure vocals sounding better than ever!

Having been a long time fan of Abraham’s and always supporting him in everyway we could, I wanted to bring you his latest Live Television Performance which was just released on YouTube!

From everyone involved with this website and with the old Rivenmaster’s Place! Congratulations Abraham on a musical career that has just kept getting better and better!

Don’t forget to see all the latest posts from Torchlight Talent

Thr3Card Vegas Harmonic Headliners


Thr3Card is a trio of singer/songwriters who all happen to be brothers ranging from the ages of 16-18. Originating from the heart of Las Vegas, their love for music started at a very early age. They have been performing together for more than 11 years. Influenced by artists such as the Jackson 5, The Beatles, Chris Brown, Jonas Brothers, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber, Thr3Card has a unique style and harmonies aimed at capturing the hearts and minds of people of all ages. Their music has a little pop and urban mix to it.

Since their last Rivenmaster interview the boys have continued to make music with top producers in Los Angeles and continue to write their own lyrics to many of their songs. They have performed in such venues as House of Blues, the Avalon in Hollywood, and even had their own headlining show at Treasure Island called “Thr3Card Our Story.” Their show was a 75-minute high energy show which ran for 3 months at the end of 2015.


Their very first single “Is It Too Late” was released in May, 2016 with their first official music video on YouTube. They recently were on the ABC TV show called “Boy Band” which aired this Summer. It was a great experience for them. They worked with amazing producers and best of the best choreographers and vocal coaches. They met incredibly talented guys on the show and have made friends for life with some of the other boy banders. They have done several radio interviews for local stations in Las Vegas to talk about their experience which is also on YouTube.

Thr3Card Interview on WBKE Radio

Thr3Card has toured many schools in Nevada and various cities in California, Kansas City and Chicago. They are regular headliners at the San Gennaro Italian Feast for the last 4 years and the National Night Out community event for 7 years. They have been asked to be the spokespersons for GameWorks and perform at their Town Square Las Vegas location. Thr3Card frequently sing the National Anthem for events such a Monster Jam, Vegas 51s Baseball and just recently were a part of history as they performed the very first National Anthem for the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team’s first home preseason game in Las Vegas history.

Thr3Card at Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey

Get to know more about these brothers:

Santinocardinale 2017
Santino Cardinale


Santino, the oldest, also known as the Joker, is the brother that helps with the production of the group’s music and he also has perfect pitch which really contributes to the making of great harmonies. His fandom is known as “Santimonium!” When Santino is not working on his music with his brothers, he attends UNLV majoring in music.

Age 18 – DOB: 10-30-98


giannicardinale2017Gianni, the middle brother, is the

Gianni Cardinale heartthrob of the group and the most outgoing. He has been referred to as the King of Hearts and his fandom call themselves the “gArmy.” He created a hand move that only the gArmy can do. His fans create the most incredible fan art for him and his brothers which he just loves. Gianni is a senior in high school but is also attending the College of Southern Nevada to get his college credits.

Age 17 – DOB: 8-7-00

Dante Cardinale


Dante, is the brains and the youngest member of the group. While he is the quieter brother, his wit and humor keeps the group laughing. His fans are the “Dantbaes”. Dante is a junior in high school but is also attending College of Southern Nevada and will be getting his Associates Degree by the time he graduates high school.

Age 16 – DOB: 7-16-01


Thr3Card has a lot in store for their fans with more music and videos coming soon. You may even see them on another TV show. You can get you very own Thr3Card merchandise on their website You can also send your fan mail and fan art to the group at:,
205 N. Stephanie St. #D-328, Henderson, NV 89074.

They really enjoy reading their mail and are so very thankful for all the thoughtful gifts they receive.


For more about Thr3Card:

Sebastian Urdiales Mexico’s Young Superstar


Sebastian Urdiales debuted his feature article here in the fall of 2014. He was just 13 years old at that time and had already made a mark as a prominent entertainer and showmen in his home country of Mexico. Singing and dancing his way into the heart of everyone that heard him along with his charismatic smile and personality he was captivating to watch.

Of course that did not stop and his passion to entertain had only just begun to blossom.

SHAWN MENDES – MERCY (Cover By Sebastian Urdiales)

Sebastian Urdiales
Sebastian Urdiales

Today he is one of the most sought after young actors in all of Mexico and is soon to break out into the international limelight! Beginning his artistic career at the age of 9 with dance, he then began singing with acting following. To show you just how qualified Sebastian is and to bring you up to date with some of his accomplishments, here is a portion of Sebastian’s resume covering the first 7 years of his career:

  • Participated in more than 30 commercials for television which were transmitted in the United States, Mexico and all Latin America.
  • Starred in 4 plays with international castings.
  • Awarded rolls in 2 movies.
Sebastian Urdiales Nic
Sebastian Urdiales Television Celebrity
  • Participated in and was a finalists in a national singing reality show like The Voice, TV Azteca
  • For two years in the summer he was the conductor of a program on national television called “Come the Joy” TV Azteca
  • Cast as “Carlitos Casillas”, in the third season of the international television series “The Lord of the Skies” for Telemundo and Tv Caracol.
  • In 2016 he is the founder of the first digital platform in Mexico for teenagers influencers called: ChavosTV, being a partner and producer of the channel to date.

Now in 2017 Sebastian has integrated himself into the main social media channels and vlogs in Latin America: Dosogas, currently playing a large part in that media explosion.

Sebastian is currently considered the most influential male teenager influencer in Mexico, having yet to launch his first solo single which is scheduled for release the end of November.

Naturally Sebastian is eloquent in both English and Spanish. He demonstrats that so well in all of his music videos. This cover was particuarlly good where he teamed up with the beautiful and talented Sarah Silva.

No Soy Una de Esas Cover by Sarah Silva & Sebastian Urdiales

In 2018 Sebastian has very important plans. He is anticipating his start as a radio announcer in the most important youth radio station nationwide. In addition to that, Sebastian is in the final stage to play “Luis Miguel” in his own television series produced by MGM at an international level. His latest music video cover of Justin Biebers song “Friends” which received more than 300k views in under 24 hours is still gaining and currently sitting at 1,024,283 views.

FRIENDS – JUSTIN BIEBER (Cover by Sebastian Urdiales)

You can visit Sebastian on any or all of his social network pages:

Alexander Wood, French-American Musical Talent

Alexander Wood

“music is, above all, a communityAlexander Wood

Alexander Wood, a 17 year old French-American, has always had an undeniable passion for music and the stage since a very young age. Appearing in his first TV show at the age of 10, and starting his recording activity only a few years later, his hard work and dedication have come to fruition over the last year with a lead role on stage in Oliver Twist le Musical in Paris and the release of his first single, “Tell me Now”. He is currently on stage in Grease Le Musical at Theatre Mogador in Paris and hard at work on his first EP.

Alexander Wood

Alexander Wood started taking singing, dancing and musical theater classes just before the age of 8, appearing on stage regularly from that time on. He quickly had the opportunity to participate in his first TV variety show on France’s TF1, followed by shows on Disney Channel France and The Voice Kids. The experience with The Voice Kids allowed him to create links centered on music with other passionate young artists. This led to various music recording collaborations as well as his participation in a charity Album with young artists from around the world. For Alexander Wood, music is, above all, a community.

Alexander WoodAs a result, he is very active on social media – Instagram being his favorite for its visual aspect. He enjoys keeping up-to-date on various artists he follows, and observing the reactions from the industry and fans. He is very interactive and loves to reply to messages he receives.

The daily life of Alexander Wood, when not in rehearsal, on stage or in his home recording studio, is always filled with music, even just walking down the street. “I constantly have my headphones on to listen to songs…I am especially interested in instrumental versions. I am often listening to break down the instruments and understand the structure of the song. The artists that can be heard in his headphones are many of those currently heard on the radio. He appreciates Muse, Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Imagine Dragons, to name a few, and recently discovered Halsey. He has a preference for experimental music, but his influences are mainly rock.

Outside of music Alexander Wood likes to “try to stay in shape, eat well….focus on the basics. He likes to relax by watching his favorite TV show American Horror Story and is currently enamored by the movie IT.

His current projects include a short action film for the Laurette Fugain Association which will be shown starting in March 2018, as well as participation in the album “Génération Enfoirés” scheduled for release on November 3rd for Les Restos du Coeur.

What to expect from his future EP? The songs will be pop, a bit rock and experimental, with an electro touch. According to Alexander Wood, he doesn’t prefer easy music. His interest is to have fun and be challenged in the creative process with a goal of writing songs that his audience will enjoy and that will inspire a real ongoing, interactive exchange.


Alexander Wood


For more about Alexander Wood visit:

Article by: Remko de Keijzer

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