October 22, 2017


comingsoonYuri D'Agostino


We have been long awaiting an article for Yuri D’Agostino and we just heard from his Dad that it is just around the corner.

This young Italian musical prodigy is a must see and we are so excited that we will have the exclusive for him published to this network very soon. We hope to get it on Torchlight Talent where many of our new found talent has been first shared this past year so be watching for the announcements regarding where and when you can read all about Yuri!

Until then you can read about him on his Facebook Page!





It seems like ages since we have updated you on the thr3Card’s. This amazing sibling trio was first introduced in 2013 at that time called the C-Boyz Starz. When their stage name changed we updated you again in 2015, but we had not featured them here on the new site yet.

We are so happy that we now have their update in hand and is just waiting on the editors desk for publication.

So much has happened with the boys since 2015! While 2 years does not seem long in the life of a teen artist or group it’s an eternity.

So be watching for the announcement we hope to have them up here before the next month is out! Congratulation boys on all your success and we continue to be amazed by your performances and with the harmony that only thr3Card can bring!

Until then join them on their Facebook FanPage!