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Rick Stevenson

For the past decade, the Prodigy Camp (ProdigyCamp.org) has been home to the most talented teen filmmakers and songwriters in the world.

Rod Johnson is and has been an invaluable part of finding the most talented and deserving music kids. His exhaustive efforts have helped us continually raise our game. When running a camp for teens, trust and transparency are key and Rod’s relationships with kids and parents has helped build those qualities. He is a generous and kind man who has dedicated himself to inspiring others. I am grateful for him.

Rick Stevenson, Director, t\The Prodigy Camp


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Rod Johnson has been a respected journalist for many years covering artists in the younger generation of 21 and under through several online publications. He also serves as the Public Relations / Road Manager for California based singer / songwriter Sam Santiago. His publications have brought a lot of artists into the limelight around the world in the past 7 years and has given them a voice that most media outlets will not give them. He shares a vision of hope, opportunity, recognition and of helping others without expecting anything in return.

Outlets that will give opportunities to those in the younger generation are few and far. In 1978 Maureen Dragone which served as the historian for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association better known as the Golden Globes Awards founded a program called the Young Artists Awards with a similar vision. In her case it was to give recognition and honor to young artists and entertainers (in movies and television) that would otherwise go without it. As the years went on publications and media outlets sharing a vision of helping our young entertainers have surfaced including the ones that Rod Johnson operates.

FHR Radio is very strict as to who we associate with, endorse or mention. But in the past several years Rod Johnson has come through as an honest individual, trust worthy, family person, recommended and endorsed by many parents whose children are or were entertainers. Highly spoken of by Bruce Owens, who served as a New York based radio personality for 100.7 FM WHUD for several years.

Orl Hernandez Owner/CEO (www.fhrradio.com)


Bruce Owens
Bruce Owens – Radio Host

It’s said, if something seems too good to be true it probably is. But it’s 100% true! A kindhearted man named Rod Johnson, also known as Rivenmaster,  spent many hours setting up a website so he could spotlight and promote talented young people he found on the internet, all the while asking nothing in return. What he got was the friendship and trust of many of the families of the talented young people he was promoting.  In some cases, Rod helped design and set up websites for those he was spotlighting.

As the host of a morning radio show that served the Hudson Valley New York, I had an opportunity to interview over a dozen.young singers and actors. I knew of Rivenmaster’s Place and finally reached out to Rod at the suggestion of the mother of a young singer I had just interviewed and Rod had also spotlighted.  We did two separate interviews.. Rod talked about how Rivenmaster Place came to be, then spent the rest of the time talking about the latest group of young artists he was promoting. In speaking with Rod, I got a sense of his passion and the personal connection he has with these young people.

Rod (Rivenmaster) has been promoting talented youth for a while now, in fact some of those who originally  appeared on his page are now young adults! Rod says that watching these young people’s talents and careers blossom is reward enough and is in fact what keeps him wanting to continue to do what he has done so well and so selflessly these past several years. I wish him nothing but the best!

Bruce Owens (Radio Host Hudson Valley Radio)


Matthew Todd
Matthew Todd

Rivenmaster Promotions has always been an inspiration to me in its faithful and wholesome support of young talent. I remember vividly the first time I visited the page and read the fascinating stories of the featured musicians. It created a wonderful feeling of connection to these young musicians from the independent music world though I was across the ocean in Scotland.

For me, the most wonderful aspect of Rivenmaster’s work is the way he brings so many young talents from all over the world together, reminding us of the unique capabilities of music to unite people. Stories are so powerful and Rivenmaster has made it his mission to make these amazing stories known to the world.

I am honored to be able to call Rod (aka Rivenmaster) a friend. His dedication to promoting youth music and his care for every aspect of his work are truly inspiring.

Torchlight talent logoMatthew Todd
Tenor Soloist, Musician, Choral Conductor, Music Therapist, Writer and Composer, and:
Author of Torchlight Talent


Patrick W Hess
Patrick W Hess

Rarely in the music industry do you find sincere and honest professionals who are dedicated to the promotion of young talent. Rod not only has a right heart for his promotion, he became a dear friend to me and my son, Spencer Kane, when navigating the waters of the industry and avoiding sharks was so incredibly prevalent.

I will ever be grateful for his kindness and willingness to rally behind my son’s career when he was just 14. Now at nearly 21, Spencer reflects the maturity and confidence of knowing how to conduct himself in the business side of the music industry… largely in part because of the positive and integrity filled experiences he had with Rod.

Thank you so much for your wisdom and devotion to helping young artists get discovered in the right way.

Patrick W Hess
Founder Day 6 Management




Bronwyn & Sam Verlinden

We first met Rod aka Rivenmaster back in circa 2008/2009. Our young son Sam (Sam V)  was around 10 years old and we had just started posting singing videos of him on YouTube, mainly Michael Jackson covers. Rod reached out to us around this time, with an offer of support and friendship, and he soon started featuring Sam on his website, with articles and updates on how Sam was doing.

During this time there was a lot of interest around the globe, in our young singing boys. I recall a few instances during these early years, where a couple of our singers and their families found themselves involved in situations – by less-than-well-meaning YouTube predators. People posing as Record Labels offering opportunities and money to these youngsters. We built strong friendships with many of the families of these other young talented artists – and it quickly became very clear to us all that Rod (Rivenmaster) was here to support our kids unconditionally and most importantly – safely.

Rod became more than just a trusted advisor to us – we felt like he was a part of our family. He continued to promote our talented young boys, offering advice, social media support, creating videos and just generally being there for our kids. This support was invaluable at a time where there were not many ‘safe’ places for our young artists to hang (online), and without the worry of falling into unsafe hands.

We have lost count of how many articles Rod has published of Sam. Rod often talks about how Sam was one of the first artists he featured, and he is possibly still one of the most featured artists on his original website. We appreciate everything Rod has done for us over the years. All his support, his enthusiasm and guidance he has provided, the connections he has offered with his networks – has been so graciously received. He is truly one in a million, he is kind, family oriented, genuine, generous and passionate.

Bronwyn Verlinden
Parent of Sam V New Zealand


Carmina and Donnie
Donnie & Carmina Santiago

We were first introduced to Mr. Rod Johnson in 2009 by Bronwyn Verlinden, Mother of Sam V from New Zealand. Sam Verlinden was also one of the young talents promoted on Mr. Rod’s original website which was called RIVENMASTER’S PLACE at the time. Mrs. Verlinden saw one of our Sam’s YouTube videos and that’s where the story of the great relationship with Mr. Rod and his family began. Mr. Rod contacted us and introduced himself. We were hesitant at first due to experiencing some similar offers and opportunities from supposedly legal record managers and producers which proved to be fraudulent. But over time, Mr. Rod assisted us and educated us about all sorts of games, hoaxes, and possible pitfalls we could fall into. In addition to his own wisdom and experience, he also had great connections that strongly supported and directed him to help us make some good decisions.

We visited Mr. Rod at his lovely home in Michigan and met him, his wife and children personally. Mr. Rod and his family’s accommodations were sincere and warm. From the very beginning Mr. Rod never treated us as business associates but as a family. He continues to be very supportive, kind, humble, encouraging and trustworthy especially to Sam. He not only has inspired and taught Sam techniques he personally learned himself as a singer, but has shared good moral and spiritual insight with Sam that will help and equip him to become a strong and effective Christian.

In addition to building and managing Sam’s website, Mr. Rod published a number of articles about Sam, his career and achievements, many which he witnessed in person. He’s there not only to support and cheer for Sam, but has held the honor of introducing Sam during events and hosting Sam’s very own concerts. He also not only travels with us locally within the United States, but even to our home country in the Philippines His journey with us there became very meaningful to Mr. Rod because he also came to know and meet our family and friends in the Philippines making him even more a part of the family.

We are very blessed to know and become a part of Mr. Rod’s life. I thank and praise God every time because of his genuine personality, sincerity, untiring support, humility, kind heart and great faith in God.

Thank you Mr. Rod for all your unselfish support, wisdom and encouragement, not only to Sam and the Santiago’s, but to all the young artists that you assist without expecting anything in return.

God bless you always!

The Santiago’s
Parents of Sam Santiago Music


Aelita Archbold
Aelita Archbold

We feel blessed to have known Rod Johnson for the past five years. Since he first discovered my son Sheridan on YouTube, Rod has been so kind to share his continuous support and friendship with us. From the first brilliant article that Rod published to Rivenmaster, he has continued to follow up and promote Sheridan not only through his new website, but across his entire social media network.

Rod is an amazing multitalented individual. By listening to his wise advise, we have been spared some serious pitfalls and been able to walk away from some potentially bad deals. From the very beginning of the “Making It Again?” web series, Rod’s heart has been in the project. In addition to working as Graphic Designer and Director of Promotion for the Web Series, he also helped in the creation of the MIA website and does all the updates as deemed necessary.

We were also very honored to have him on set for the filming of one of our episodes.

Rod was our chief consultant on Sheridan’s Debut CD project and was especially helpful with the cover design. He currently acts as Sheridan’s Career Advisor, helps with PR, promotes Sheridan throughout the Rivenmaster Network, as well as helping to maintain Sheridan’s YouTube Channel”. Most importantly, Rod has offered Sheridan excellent advice and has done so much in helping to promote his career.

Rod is always open and willing to talk to youth about any issues and problems. He is an inspiration of Love and Kindness always showing compassion and concern to everyone he meets.

We are very thankful to God for Rod Johnson. We are thankful for his friendship, kindness, sincerity. and for his invaluable counsel.. He is a genius who is willing to share his big talents with young artists and doing an amazing work to help promote encourage and give them a solid start toward fulfilling their dreams.

Aelita ArchboldTestimonials
ACA Productions, LLC


TestimonialsTHANK YOU!

Theo Constantin

Dear Mr. Rod, 

I don’t know where to begin or how to find the words to express to you how much you are appreciated. First of all I thank God for making our meeting possible, it is true so far only virtually, but I continue to believe and hope that the day will come when we will meet face to face so I can tell you in person how thankful I am for our friendship. I pray that this life will not end without fulfilling this desire. 

You are a man who conveys power and confidence, and every time I talk to you, I realize that it is worth fighting for my dream. And I will do it!

Your contribution to my career development is major. I felt this from the first article you published on the pages of Rivenmaster in 2015, and since then you are always with me, guiding me and encouraging me to move on. 

Mr. Rod, in these years I have learned what dignity is – Is does not matter where you come from or where you are from, what does matter is how to follow your path. 

I have so much more to say, but I have to say that in my heart you have a special place, a place called Rod Johnson that will stay there as long as I am on this earth. 

Thank you God for making it possible for such a man to exist and I could find him. 

Thank you, Mr. Rod, for your support and encouragement.

-Theo Constantin


Sheridan Archbold
Sheridan Archbold

Dear, Mr. Rod

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for everything you have done for my career and for me as a person. Life is a tough road to be on with lots of up’s and down’s, so thank you for mentoring me, for helping me with my career, and for being the best friend I have ever known.

Thank you for sharing you knowledge with me, for making me smarter, for helping me get though the tough and complicated times of my life, and for being so patient and understanding. Thank you, Thank you for not giving up on me when everyone else did except a certain few, and for continuing to believe in me. Most importantly, thank you for not letting me give up on myself.

Mr. Rod, the amount of help and work you have done for me is immeasurable so again I say thank you. When times got so bad that I was ready to just give up, you were always there to help and encourage me no matter how bad it got. Right from the beginning, when I was a little boy, you have been with my team , advising me though the good times and the bad. No problem was ever so great that you just gave up. You always had a solution, You always had hope, and for that I am forever grateful.

I will never be able to thank you enough for everything you have done for me and my family.

Mr. Rod as I leave you with this letter that I have written from the bottom of my heart, I wish the best to you and all of your loved ones.
Thank you

Sheridan Archbold

Tyler Lorette
Tyler Lorette

Dear Rod,

Thank you so much for featuring an article about my musical journey on Rivenmaster Promotions.

I feel so blessed for the support of you and Matthew Todd at Torchlight Talent.  I am so thankful that you have shared my music and videos as it is my dream to share my music with everyone. I was also excited to share some personal details about myself with others through the awesome article.  Thank you for introducing me to Orl Hernandez who is another incredible supporter, and plays my songs on FHR Radio.

Your website is great and I have spent a lot of time reading all of the awesome articles about other young artists like myself.  I am honored to be featured with them and happy to become a fan of theirs.

Thank you Rod for your kindness, generosity, advice and support.  I will always be grateful.

-Tyler Lorette