are-you-ready-by-abraham-mateoWhen Abraham Mateo first made his appearance on he was only 13 years old!

Already a musical and acting sensation and signed by Sony Spain. His Feature Article drew more than 950 single reads on the first day of publication which was January 28th, 2012.

Now 17. and soon to reach adult age this August, Abraham has truly kept his vocal talent through the challenging years and brings us his pure vocals sounding better than ever!

Having been a long time fan of Abraham’s and always supporting him in everyway we could, I wanted to bring you his latest Live Television Performance which was just released on YouTube!

From everyone involved with this website and with the old Rivenmaster’s Place! Congratulations Abraham on a musical career that has just kept getting better and better!

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Rod Johnson is the founder of the Rivenmaster Promotional Network which has featured over 150 young artists from all over the world and currently works directly as publicist and public relations manager/advisor for Sam Santiago. Rod has published hundreds of articles and created a number of beginning websites for new young artists some who have now gone on to being signed recording artists. Rod also has been working with ACA Productions, a small film company in the Chicago area. Rod acts as advisor for script and aids with graphic design for their film projects.