The Centeno Siblings
The Centeno Siblings (ltr: Honey, John David, Mark Joseph, Ranniedel

The Centeno Siblings were born in Manila the heart of the Philippines.  Ranniedel the eldest son, born in 2006 was said to be a baby who frequently cried in a high tone, while Mark Joseph (MJ), born in 2010, was a miracle baby. MJ was not breathing when he was born, not even a cry was heard, so his parents rejoice that he is now thriving as their miracle child. John David, the third sibling was born in 2011 and the fourth sibling a little girl named Honey, was added to the family in 2014.

Their father, Rodel Centeno is employed as an auto shop supervisor, while Leny Cuna Centeno is a stay at home mom who dedicates a great amount of her time encouraging her children’s singing talents and supporting their musical opportunities.

Early Signs of Talents

Each of the children displayed an inclination towards music at an early age for both singing and music. Leny recalls that her kids would simply stand on top of a chair holding a comb or a piece of wood as their imaginary microphone and begin singing as if they were in front of a large crowd and cameras. They would even face a large mirror and start singing with corresponding body language as if they were in a concert. Although they could hardly say a word perfectly, upon hearing music, they would stop what they were doing and would sing along. Basically, at that age, it was a more of a game, singing in a unknown language, however it was in tune and correct tempo.
Leny was the first to coach Ranniedel in the elements of music and with his vocals. She would recall seeing MJ listening intensely while she gave instructions to Ranniedel. Of course MJ did not realize at the time, that he too was upgrading his singing ability. It seemed that this love of music just continued to flow down to the remaining two siblings until all of them were harmonizing together.

Hobbies and Skills

Most children today enjoy playing video games. It’s different for the Centeno Siblings, because despite having electronic gadgets they usually spend their time in a productive way. Ranniedel (Ran ran), has a talent for editing videos, “Minus one” tracks and pictures. He is also fond of watching movies, playing soccer and basketball, while Mark Joseph (MJ) loves cultivating plants, making art drawings and watching movies. John David (JD) is fond of animals and Honey loves to help cook.

Events and Journey

Ranniedel was the first to compete at school and in the community. He participated in several amateur singing contests such as Videoke Singing Challenge, Campus Golden Voice, Grand Videoke Challenge, and Taytay Idol 2020 season 10.
Sensational Singing Siblings!In this singing competition Ranniedel emerged to be the champion, awarded with cash prizes, trophies and plaques.
In the other contest Ranniedel received 2nd place.

Mark Joseph (MJ) secretly developed his singing talent and amazed his parents when he asked permission to join the singing contest Tinigng may Bunga. This was the same contest his older brother was participating in. MJ was relentless with his urgings, insisting that he could win, because he already knew some songs to sing. Eventually MJ’s mother allowed him to compete. That day MJ was extremely excited, although he was not expecting to be competing against his older brother Ranniedel. As the event went on, it was hard to say who was winning. In the finals it turned out that MJ was awarded the championship with Ranniedel becoming the first runner up… a successful event for MJ.

In school singing contests MJ always emerged as the winner, including the Talent mo ipakita mo (Show your talents singing Contest). Outside of school MJ also captured first and second places which included cash prizes, trophies and plaques. In one particular event even a Scholarship Award was offered.
Most recently MJ competed in The 2020 Golden Martin Production voice challenge. In a field of 130 contestants consisting of all ages, MJ became the youngest solo performer in the Top 20 with a timely cover of the song HEAL OUR LAND, and eventually secured third place in the competition.
Being encouraged by his older brothers, JD followed in their footsteps participating in singing contest with his brother MJ in “Telento mo ipakita mo” (Show your Talent) where he emerged only second to his brother.
Honey too, encouraged by the success of her three older brothers, eventually captured a 1st Place Award during the schools Kid’s Camp. 

The Siblings Guesting Experiences

Sensational Singing Siblings!

Guesting is common for singers with exceptional ability and the Centeno Siblings are no exception to the rule.
They’ve received invitations from radio stations as well as TV stations from a number of places.

  1. Hope channel south Philippines of Radio Mindanao invited the Centeno Siblings to be one of the guest performers in their show “Harana sa Kabuntagon” (Serenade at Dawn)
  2. Net 25 also featured the Centeno Siblings in one of their shows.
  3. Ranniedel was featured in one of the radio programs of Super Radio Kalibo
  4. Pastor Rodney Howard Brown of “The River At Tampa Bay Church” played the video of Ranniedel and Mark Joseph during their church service.
  5. The personnel of SERBISU CHANNEL visited the Centeno Siblings in their residence and invited them to be a guest in their show.
  6. Mark Joseph guested on ABS CBN’s “The Little Big Shots”, in a live performance with his brother Ranniedel

Centeno’s life Trials

Ranniedel sittingRanniedel was very sickly when he was small and was frequently hospitalized for treatment. One time during the rainy season he became very ill.  Since there was no public transportation available at that time, his parents had to walk, braving the hard rain, so they could bring their baby to the hospital. There were private cars passing by but they wouldn’t let them hitch a ride, while walking they prayed so hard for Gods guidance and mercy. They reached the Hospital totally drenched because of the heavy downpour. When recalling this incident, it brings back more tears.
MJ sitting

Another heartbreaking story was when MJ was born. The couple was so frustrated because four hospitals they went to rejected them. At last the fifth hospital, a government owned one, took them in. Upon arrival, when Leny was examined by the attending physician, the doctor told her that, she wouldn’t be able to deliver the child naturally since no heartbeat could be detected from the baby . While preparations were made for a c-section, the couple prayed, and by time she was to be brought to the operating room, the baby’s heart came to life and the baby was brought into to the world naturally. 

Honey sitting

However, when MJ was born he was not breathing and did not respond despite action by the doctor. After a few minutes a cry was heard, the baby was alive!! The doctor said the baby required an operation, however three days after the operation the couple was still not informed regarding the condition of the child. They searched all over the place and they found him in a room alive and recuperating, indeed Mark Joseph was a miracle baby.

Due to the close quarters of housing in the Philippines problems with neighbors can easily arise. Some of their close neighbors are not real pleased about the children’s singing practice. JDOften the neighbors would react negatively telling them to be quiet, or would play music so loud, it would make it hard for the children to even concentrate.
Just recently after they had done an on line concert for their fans and supporters, Their neighbor pulled down the cable of their Wi-Fi and all Leny could do was to pray for them to understand. 

Owning a home of their own is out of the question at this time, so renting is their only option making practice time in their small apartment a huge challenge!

Passion to Music

Passion for music is deeply ingrained into the souls of these young children. In addition to singing, they are developing interest in musical instruments. MJ is currently learning to play piano/organ and Ranniedel is expanding his skills on his ukulele. The other two siblings will soon to be inspired in some musical instruments as well.
Each of The Centeno Siblings have experienced their memorable first public solos. Mark Joseph’s “Give Thanks“, Ranmiedel’s “One Moment in time” and John David’s “Minting Tinig“.

The Worldwide Pandemic has actually been very beneficial to the Centeno Siblings because it gives them ample time to practice cover songs for their fans. They are amazing kids and their videos are well accepted by an ever increasing fan base. Some have even gone viral such as their cover of “We are the World”.

  1. WE ARE THE WORLD covered April 20, 2020 By the Centeno Siblings with more than 5 million views.
  2. YOU RAISE ME UP covered June 20, 2020 by Mark Joseph and his older brother Ranniedel with more than 3.6 million views.
  3. SHE’S GONE covered August 15, 2019 by Mark Joseph with now more than 3.6 million views.
  4. WHAT A DAY covered April 26, 2019 by Mark Joseph and his older brother Ranniedel (Ran ran) with now more than 1.7 million views.

They have done many cover songs which you can find on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

UPDATED 02/12/2021

MJ just released his brand new original entitled “Thank You” in honor of all our essential workers and especially those laboring in the medical field helping us through this pandemic! 

Watch it now and be sure to like his pages and support him by sharing this video with your friends!

Centeno Siblings Messages

“We would like to thank all our supporters and fans, especially the admins of  “MJ Believers”. We know that we are still very young and have much to learn. We will continue what we have started by sharing our God given talents, even in times of trouble, hoping to make you all happy.

Please Support us and help us make our dreams come true…”

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