Sept 4th marked the celebration of our eleventh year of the Rivenmaster Promotional Network. During this time, nearly 200 young aspiring talents have graced these pages. While each has demonstrated their own unique abilities, only a handful have continued to progress beyond YouTube sensations to gain the attention of industry moguls.

Tyler Lorette

So, what is the secret to that handful of artists success and longevity? It’s clear to me that those who exhibit their ability to be more than one dimensional are the ones that have the greatest chance of earning their place at the top.

Sixteen-year-old Canadian recording artist Tyler Lorette is one of those promising young talents who’s multi dimensional talents are carrying him to the top of the musical charts.

Tyler continues to advance his skill set of song writing and heart felt vocals combined with his amazing guitar, mandolin, ukulele, piano, and drum playing. Adding to those skills he has now started music and video production, as he moves into a more urban pop genre incorporating all genres of music into his vibe.

EP by Tyler Lorette

His latest single released this past June called “Rise In Love” has received over 125,000 Spotify streams and continues to rise daily. His first EP called “Chosen Ones” which was released this past summer was co-produced by Tyler. The song “More To Life” is a heart warming ballad written about his grandfather’s battle with lymphoma, “Blessed To Know You” is a song for his fans and supporters, and “Chasing” a high energy pop love song. “More To Life” shot to #1 on the Fab Radio Charts in October validating Tyler’s ability to continue as a musical force. Tyler’s other recent accomplishments include his song “High Frequency” which hit #1 on Nashville’s  Blacksheep Radio Network three weeks running in May of this year.

Tyler Lorette at event 2019

Tyler continues to play weekly at shows in Toronto and across Ontario and does livestreams to a global audience on Instagram and Tik Tok. He is continuously putting out content for his fans and supporters by covering other artists and sharing it on Social Media. But even when Tyler does a cover song, he always puts his own style and interpretation into his rendition. Maybe we should start calling them Tovers! (Tyler covers).

Tyler Lorette Multi-Talented Chart Busting Recording Artist
Broken Merchandise Here

Tyler’s latest self written and self produced single called “BROKEN” was released this weekend. It’s another authenticate straight from the heart song. Be sure to check out Tyler’s merchandise that is now available for sale as part of this songs release package.

While we wait for Tylers New Music Video of Broken here is one of his latest covers.


Moving into 2020 Tyler is focused on touring across North America and connecting with his fans, supporters and other artists. Tyler is working day and night to create and grow his portfolio of music so he will definitely be releasing more new music in 2020!

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Be sure to purchase his music on one of his many social platforms and be sure to vote for him and stream his music often.

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Rod Johnson is the founder of the Rivenmaster Promotional Network which has featured over 160 young artists from all over the world and worked directly as publicist and public relations manager/advisor for Singing Sensation Sam Santiago. Rod has published hundreds of articles and created a number of beginning websites for new young artists some who have now gone on to being signed recording artists. Rod also has worked with ACA Productions, a small film company in the Chicago area, acting as advisor for script and aiding with graphic design for their film projects.


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