Daniel Porter

When this promotional network began, British singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, drummer, performing artist Daniel Porter was only four years old. But in that 10-year span Daniel has become one of the most talked about and sought-after young guitarists/performer in Leicestershire, England.

Daniel’s talent was first brought to our attention by Matthew Todd from Torchlight Talent where Daniel’s first Full Feature Article was published on September 8. I encourage you to read that article for more insight into Daniel’s story and musical beginnings.

Today however, we are sharing with you an EXCLUSIVE INTORDUCTORY VIDEO created personally by Daniel just for his fans.

It’s hard to say why some youngsters come into this world with boldness, charisma, fortitude, and an inherent desire to entertain through their multi-talents, but it surely was recognizable when it first appeared in Daniel. Of course, the apple did not fall too far from the tree in Daniel’s case, as both of his parents are artists in their own right.

Daniel Porter


What makes Daniel so unique is his personality and charm that shines through in every performance. Whether he is live on stage or creating a video for one of his social media sites, Daniel’s magnetism draws you in like a moth to the flame.

While Daniel is still developing his vocal skills, his guitar playing has already caught the attention of some very influential music moguls, some who I know personally. It’s easy to predict that it won’t be long before Daniel reaches a place of stardom that few achieve at only 14 years of age.

Daniel Porter relaxing with his guitar


So as not to repeat here what has already been eloquently shared on Torchlight Talent

I will leave you with my whole hearted endorsement of Daniel Porter, and a prediction that it won’t be long before you see him on some major stages not only in England but on tours around the world!

Congratulations Daniel on all your success!

“There is a Biblical promise stating that you reap what you sow! Daniel, you have sown so much good with your fund raising, your care for others, your passion to please others with humility and your continual self-improvement of your musical skills, that it is easy to predict that your future is bright and full of amazing success!”                                                                                                                                                            Rivenmaster

For more about Daniel visit:  Torchlight Talent’s Article

For business enquiries please email: deborah.pook@yahoo.co.uk

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Rod Johnson is the founder of the Rivenmaster Promotional Network which has featured over 160 young artists from all over the world and worked directly as publicist and public relations manager/advisor for Singing Sensation Sam Santiago. Rod has published hundreds of articles and created a number of beginning websites for new young artists some who have now gone on to being signed recording artists. Rod also has worked with ACA Productions, a small film company in the Chicago area, acting as advisor for script and aiding with graphic design for their film projects.


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