Some young artists who begin their musical, singing, and performing careers truly stand out from the crowd.  Today’s featured artists is without a doubt one of those STANDOUT YOUNG ARTSITS!
Christian Lalama BWTwelve year old Christian Lalama seems to jump from your computer screen immediately into your heart. His bubbling personality not only shows through in his short video clips that he exuberantly and faithfully shares each week, but even more so through his professionally orchestrated and produced music videos.

When we first spotted Christian we immediately reached out to his Management Team.  I found out that they had just left the county traveling to Italy to attend a wedding and some other family functions.  While I was disappointed that I had to wait for them to return to set up a feature article, I grew even more excited after seeing his music video for his new original song entitled ‘Beautiful’ and could not wait to showcase it for all our readers here and for him to have his Full Feature Article on Torchlight Talent!

You will read in Christians Full Feature Article just who he attributes the inheritance of his special talents to. While it may be true that some of this talent may be inherited ….. Christian’s charm is all his own.

No young artist can make it in this industry without the support of amazing parents, family, and friends. Christian is blessed with an abundance of this kind of support. For this we are very grateful, because Christian is one we truly want to see make it for many years to come.

Christian’s voice is yet unbroken which I personally find exhilarating right now.  Like all boys we know this will change, but as I watch him sing expressing so much passion and determination with every note I have no reservation in predicting that in a few years Christian Lalama is going to be in great demand for major concerts and musical productions.


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