Texas born Tanner Massey who turns 14 this summer now resides in Oklahoma with his Mom, Dad, 2 older brothers, and their 3 pet dogs. Tanner has the kind of personality that is both charismatic and uniquely captivating. Once you watch him in any of his Live YouNow broadcasts you will quickly learn that he is genuine, excitable, fearless, and determined to be successful in fulfilling his dreams of being a professional entertainer.

We first met Tanner back in September of 2015 where both Rivenmaster and Torchlight Talent did a double feature introductory article for him. Since those two publications, Tanner has been showcased on other websites, sang for both large and small events, released his first original single and produced his first major music video that also showcases another young talent, Ameila Oswald.

The Music Video


Tanners new song “Never Gonna Let You Go” was written by his talented father Clayton Massey.  The music video was shot primarily in Atlanta and was also directed and produced by his dad.  A funny story Tanner’s Mom shared with us regarding the video shoot was, that the Limo driver took off from the set with Tanner still in the car providing the family with a brief kidnapping event that led to lot’s of laughs and great memories!

A Busy Year

Tanner had a very busy 2017. He sang the National Anthem for the Big 12 Baseball Championship hosted in his home town of Oklahoma City as well as for the OKC Dodger’s games . He also performed at many other venues such as the McSwain Theater in Ada throughout the year. Tanner continues to sing at local venues and festivals around town such as Chester’s Party Barn in Piedmont, acted in commercials, and recently auditioned for a major reality television show!

Tanner playingYouNow Broadcasts and Social Media

His regular YouNow broadcasts are always entertaining and enjoyable. Tanner will sing acoustically and sometimes acapella showcasing his vocal ability while demonstrating the true nature of his talent. Through these Live Broadcasts it’s easy to see that Tanner is a born showman. This is especially made evident by the fact that he is not trying to put on a show, but rather just share his soul and desire to please others through his music.

Tanner also posts on twitter and Instagram to keep in touch with his growing fan base. He notes his many adventures for singing and acting and just the crazy kid life of being Tanner.

When he is not practicing his music and guitar, he is also pursuing acting and recently signed with the Osbrink agency out of LA. He has already done several auditions for a few major networks and has made quite an impression with his new passion for acting along with his singing.

His latest single “Never Gonna Let You Go” was released January 15th and is available on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, and Spotify.

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