From a country home in Northern Ireland comes the angelic voice of 13 year old Owen Mac. Owen has a voice that instantly captures your attention. His ability to charm an audience in just a few bars with one of his Irish melodies is something to behold.
Owen Mac sitting

Owen was brought to this websites attention after a video was posted on Facebook by UK’s country artist legend Jimmy Buckley.

Influenced largely by his singing Father, Owen jetted on the internet scene when he sang a song live on stage at a BBC Radio broadcast.  His song received 245,000 views in just one week.

This confidence builder helped Owen to continue to sing which is making his now international audience very happy.

Owen has already sung with some of Ireland’s greatest country singers and you can be sure that this boy is just getting started and destined to become one of them.

Owen’s Full Feature Story with exclusive interview can be found today on Torchlight Talent so be sure you use THIS LINK to read all about Owen Mac Ireland’s Newest Star!

In the past year Owen has recorded 6 songs and 4 videos and appeared with 3 top country singers…Jimmy Buckley…John Hogan and Joe Davitt with the latest being Jimmy Buckley who acknowledged his singing when he saw the video of him singing one of his songs and it reached 1 million hits in 4 days.

You can purchase Owens Music by visiting his FACEBOOK PAGE ….. Use FB Messenger  to contact his parents.  They will in turn furnish you with Owen’s PayPal address where you can remit your payment for his new singles.


I’m confident that Owen will have a full CD for all of us to purchase before too long, and you can be sure you will hear about it here!

Keep up the great work Owen everyone is so very proud of you!



  1. Very nice cousin! Enjoy looking at your posts and checking in with all the happenings. Thanks cuz, love you


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