Tanner Massey was first introduced to this site by Matthew Todd of Torchlight Talent and published on Rivenmaster’s Place last September in a feature called Tanner Massey – an adventure begins!

Tanner Massey cropTree-minTanner now 12 years old is well on his way to a great singing career working hard everyday to improve his vocal and performances skills.

Having supported young artists now for over seven years and worked personally with a few, I have learned to spot a youngster who has a real passion and drive for the performing arts.

Tanner has all the ingredients for success…. possessing vocal skill, personality, drive, passion, and the desire to bring joy when sharing his talent with his audience.  Whether he is performing live on his YouNow Channel or in front of a live audience, you can see his genuine personality shine through.

This week Tanner’s Full Feature Update can be found on Torchlight Talent which includes all the latest news of what Tanner has been doing since last September.

Tanner is just starting out in his musical adventure but I can assure you that he is not going away!  This boy is determined to succeed which can be easily seen in his Music Video called “Why Not Me”….

“I don’t care what people say
Im going to do it anyway
I’ll show you, I guarantee
So, Why not me!”

For all the latest regarding Tanner Massey and for all his Social Media links continue on to:

Torchlight Talent
Tanner Massey – singing his way to stardom!


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Rod Johnson is the founder of the Rivenmaster Promotional Network which has featured over 150 young artists from all over the world and currently works directly as publicist and public relations manager/advisor for Sam Santiago. Rod has published hundreds of articles and created a number of beginning websites for new young artists some who have now gone on to being signed recording artists. Rod also has been working with ACA Productions, a small film company in the Chicago area. Rod acts as advisor for script and aids with graphic design for their film projects.


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