Last month we introduced you to the first of two amazing young artists from the Philippines.

LANZ LAWRENCEThis month we are proud to bring you yet another young man who is definitely destined for greatness! Twelve year old Lanz Lawrence, with his unique tone and near perfect pitch serves up goose bumps when he sings. I first discovered him from a Facebook post that his father made of him singing outside at a small social event. While the phone capture video may not have been extraordinary the subject of the video was!

Lanz Lawrence sings with passion and a professionalism that usually only comes from a youngster his age who has had years of vocal training. While he is just beginning to make himself known in his country I felt that he deserved so much more and immediately contacted his dad to help set up a Full Feature Article for Torchlight Talent!

Like other talented youngsters who have been introduced by this network, Lanz began showing musical talent at a very young age. Having parents who wanted to cultivate that talent his father would allow Lanz to sing along with him and soon turned him loose on the Karaoke machine at just the age of four.

Lanz Lawrence

Lanz has competed in a number of singing competitions and was declared the champion of his Home Town competition just last year! This does not surprise me and I’m sure that this win will not be his last. I’m personally looking to see him on a future “Voice” Philippines contest.


So as not to give away too much here I will simply direct you to TORCHLIGHT TALENT where you will find his Full Feature Article published by my good friend Matthew Todd. Be sure that you visit, and like Lanz on his Facebook Page and also subscribe to his new YouTube Channel!

You will also find those links on his article on Torchlight Talent!


Best of Success Lanz
From Rivenmaster