Joshua Flores made his first appearance on the original Rivenmaster’s Place Website back in 2010. Today Josh is an 18 year old recording/performing artist well on his way to re-discovery.

In his introductory article on the original site, Josh was a mere 11 years old and was creating a huge media stir at the time with his pre-pubecent vocals, pure looks, angelc covers and original song. He had been appearing on both Television and Radio and had just realeased a 5 song EP to raise funds to attend a very special musical school featuring the American Boychoir.

Josh Flores
Josh Flores

Now 7 years later Joshua, simply called Josh is 18 and will soon graduate from High School.

The music industry has a funny way of advancing us and sometimes setting us back. However, with each new experience both good and bad, more wisdom is aquired, and often the grit needed to be successful in a musical pursuit to be discovered is gained.

So let’s take you back and review a bit of Josh’s history in his musical adventure.

When Josh was 12 years old he was signed to an independent label out of Miami. They had discovered Josh from a Youtube video of him singing Alicia Keys, “Fallen”. Over the past 5 years, Josh released two music vidoes with that label and one original song. He performed in New York, Orlando and Miami but nothing really took off for him. During the last two years of his signing, Josh began to work on a new single and music video release, but then suddenly everything stopped. A year went by and they found out that the record label had actually fallen apart. So, in the summer of 2016, Josh was able to get released from the label due to no activity. On the positive side, during his time being signed to a label, Josh learned quite a bit of how the business works and made some great connections with producers and other artist.

Now that Josh is about to graduate from high school, he is thinking about his next steps in life and his future. There is no doubt that music will continue to be a big part of that.

Josh has been performing locally, continues to post videos of cover songs and things are starting to get back to the way they were when he was 12 years old. He performed with Clarissa Serna who was on “The Voice”.

He also helped out with a project called “We Are One”. Josh was featured in the song and music video which was more of a religious genre. He believed in the message of the song even though that is not the genre he is known for.

Recenty Josh released an original single called “Waiting For You To Need Me”.

Waiting For YouTo Need Me is a ballad with just piano and voice. The song is in the realm of John Legend and Sam Smith. The song can be purchased on iTunes and other downloadable sites.

Josh is looking to sign with an agent to get into acting and possibly modeling but is waiting until after he graduates high school in a couple of months.

This site has continued to support Josh even all these silent years because there has never been a doubt that the Sky is the Limit for this young recording artist.

While the little boy looks and soprano vocals are now history. Josh has a brand new sound and still an amazng range with a unique abilty like Justin Timberlake and Adam Levine to effortlessly hit those high notes using falseto and even some full voice yet maintining the lower register that makes his accoustic sound so pleasing to listen to.

Keep up the great work Josh! Rivenmaster is behind you all the way!

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