While this Network has been credited for introducing a number of young prodigies for the first time it’s only on occasion that we find one so young.  Six year old Filipino, Bourne Luna is one of the very youngest to ever be introduced here and the youngest to ever be featured on Torchlight Talent!

Watch Bourne in his latest Video then go watch it again on Torchlight Talent.

I came across Bourne’s YouTube Channel by chance when I discovered his video that had gone viral of him impersonating his Dad, who use to be a Call Center Agent. Bourne was only 4 years old at the time and the video was simply called YOUNGEST CALL CENTER AGENT.  I thought to myself, “who is this little prodigy?”  I later learned that this little charmer had been singing since 2, using vibrato by three, and perfecting a tone quality by 4.  Now at 6 he is inspiring to watch, adding his personality and using amazing facial expression as well as body language as he performs.

Bourne Diadem Luna

Having just returned from my visit to the Philippines, I was pleased to find out that Bourne was from there.  While I visited, I found the people of the Philippines to be amazingly warm, personal, polite, and humble.  This little fellow is no exception to the rule with all of those wonderful characteristics reflected in each new video that he makes for his YouTube Channel.

Now mind you!  Bourne is just beginning his entertainment career but you should know that he is ahead of the game in so many ways.  He is already in 2nd grade, a good two years ahead of the norm.  He is exceptionally smart with a memory that is astounding.  These talents alone are important to become successful as a young actor or singer for memorizing lines and lyrics to songs.

So as not to reveal too much about Bourne’s story here, I encourage you to visit TORCHLIGHT TALENT, where his Full Feature Article is being published today!

Rest assured that Bourne will soon appear here again with another FULL UPDATE ARTICLE. In fact, I was recently in contact with a Film producer in the Philippines who will soon feature Bourne in a new film being made there!

So keep your eye on this site and on all of our Social Media Pages to keep up with this Phenomenal Little Pinoy who will be sure to be making headlines not only in his home Country, but on a world stage!

Congratulations Bourne on all your success we wish you the very best!


To learn more about Bourne read his: FULL FEATURE ARTICLE HERE!

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