“I feel so much joy when I sing and wish the whole world could feel that too.”              Sean Bonner


Sean Bonner Mic
Sean Bonner

This site has long been recognized for featuring some of the best young talent in the world and today’s young vocalist is no exception to that rule! Sean Bonner is a Scottish born youngster that has always had a love for music and dreams of becoming a well-known singer. Born in Newton Means just outside of Glasgow, Sean is a happy youngster who enjoys life to the fullest!

He shared with us that his biggest musical influences are Jason Derulo, Selena Gomez and Michelle McManus. He loves to sing in any style but especially enjoys pop music and specializes in power ballads.

Sean trained in a high level musical theatre school but this eventually became a struggle for him. Due to its very strict and restrictive nature, Sean began to feel trapped and didn’t know what to do. In the end, it was decided that he would leave that training environment and turned in his two months’ notice.  He explained;

“I realized it had been causing me a huge amount of stress and almost put me off my music and performing, but now that I have more freedom I can do what I enjoy and I feel my love for singing has come back.”

A new Instructor

After leaving the school he discovered Music Instructor Matthew Todd who also authors Torchlight Talent.  Because Matthew is a great personal friend of mine I asked Matthew about his time as Sean’s instructor. 

“Sean is a joy to teach! He takes great pride in his work and gets visibly excited when he overcomes a challenge or makes a new discovery. He has a wonderfully emotive tone for one so young and sings with an innate musicality. Training the voice is such a personal and vulnerable undertaking, but Sean responds with a maturity and dedication far beyond his years. I’m excited to see where his voice and his passion take him and I consider myself privileged to be part of his journey.”         Matthew Todd

Watch Sean’s amazing cover of “Titanium”

Family, Friends and Music

Sean told us that his friends and family give him all the strength he could ever need and that they have supported him from the very beginning. One of his greatest desire is for his music to bring happiness to others and hopes to produce the kind of music that makes people want to sing along when they hear it on the radio.

In addition to music, Sean enjoys hanging with his friends and of course playing video games! He also loves acting and has acted in several professional short films

Watch Sean cover “A Million Dreams” from the movie
“The Greatest Showman”


Advise to other young aspiring artists

His advice to other young people is:

“At times things might seem difficult but just push though and eventually everything will work out. Don’t stop”

Sean left us with the following;  

“Please follow me on my social media accounts and leave encouraging comments. It really helps! I would l like to thank everyone for their support my family and my singing teacher Matt.

To learn more about Sean visit and subscribe to his Social Sites:


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