Here at Rivenmaster’s Promotion we have introduced over 150 young artists from every inhabitable continent in the world. However, one place we had not yet reached until recently,…….. “the beautiful country of Israel.”

This past week Matthew Todd introduced 13 year old TimoTi Sannikov on Torchlight Talent! 

While I personally have seen literally thousands of music videos over the years, TimoTi’s latest project is probably one of finest choreographed and scenic music videos I have ever seen. Couple that with TimoTi vocal ability which in my opinion is perfection, makes this video simply eye candy on steroids!

The video was shot in one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in Israel – “Timna Park” which is located in the south, in the valley which boasts the oldest copper mine in the world . Although it’s featured within the Torchlight Talent article I just had to display it again here as it’s worthy of viewing more than twice!


timoti-sannikov-desertTimoTi Talent Plus!

TimoTi was a Finalist on “Be a Star” in 2013 as well as competing in other competitions like “Slavansky Bazar, four Television projects “Music Family” & “The Voice Russia” in 2014 and 2015 respectively, “New Wave Junior 2015”, and “The Voice Ukraine 2016”.  He appeared as one of the main actors in “Billy Elliot The Musical Israel 2016”, was a six time winner of Grand-Prix in the International Festival and was a prize winner in many other festivals held in Israel, Russia, Italy, France, Chech-Republic and Lativia!

TimoTi describes his music as energetic and joyful. He says he enjoys showing much emotion when he is singing and performing which can be seen by visiting his YouTube Channel.

To find the links to all of TimoTi’s social media sites and to learn more about this amazing 13 year old artist visit TORCHLIGHT TALENT NOW!