Rivenmaster has always been known for introducing some of youngest new talent on the web, many who are just beginning their musical adventures. Until now, those being featured have been between the ages of 6 and 18. However, with the restructuring of the trio of promotional websites .org, net and com, we now are afforded the opportunity to feature young talented adults. That being said we are excited to bring you todays Featured Artist, “Raphaël Roberge”.

Raphaël Roberge performs his single “Libre Comme L’air”

Raphaël first came to our attention through a recent YouTubeVideo where he performed with the young talented William Coallier who will soon have his own feature on Torchlight Talent as well as being promoted here.

I was simply taken back with these two exceptionally talented Canadian artists. They complemented one another amazingly, not only in their vocals, but in carrying out the role of brothers.  In fact they were so convincing I actually thought they were brothers in real life!  Well done guys!

As soon as I finished viewing their video I began contacting them about being featured here. Raphaël was kind enough to share his story and accomplishments regarding his acting and singing career.

Raphaël The Actor & Singer

Raphaël Roberge

From a young age Raphaël Roberge realised that he was a movie buff as well as a music enthusiast. He took a variety of classes including; Theater, Film Acting, Musical Theater, Diction and Improvisation; he quickly realised that he wanted to act.

In 2010, he started to take vocal lessons to add it to his resume… He now had two passions, singing and acting. This duel ambition soon led him into participating in a number of amateur singing contests.

Several shootings to his credit include; “Ni plus Ni Moi, C.A”, “Un Tueur si proche” (in French) and also some English projects including: “This Life” and “Compiling” as well as some stage plays and musicals.


In 2014, he was selected from more than 6,000 candidates for a singing competition called Mix4 that was broadcasted on Vrak, a popular channel for teenagers in Quebec. It was an enriching experience that gave him the occasion to meet people with the same passion, industry people, and to tour across Quebec and New-Brunswick for 50 representations including the “Francofolies”, (a concert with 15,000 attendies).

In the summer of 2015 Raphaël appeared more than 15 times in solo performances, two of which included: St-Jean Richelieu balloon festival, & le festiblues).

In September 2015 he was cast in l’Aventure Magique as Peter Pan. They did more than 60 shows across Quebec and Ontario. This show gave him the occasion to explore a more theatrical style of acting.

Watch Raphaël in this English version of his Original Hit Single “Alive”

Raphaël is also very active socially. In 2015 he was the spokesperson in Ste-Thérèse, (where he lives), for the week of intellectual disabilities. This is a cause that’s really important to him because he believes everyone should be treated equally.

Raphaël Roberge

Raphaël acted as a judge for singing contests as well as well as for oral presentations contests.

Raphaël The Recording Artist:

Raphaël released his first single “Libre Comme L’air” on June 15, 2015. The single reached a peak of  #4 on the iTunes French Pop chart and #60 in one the L’adisq charts. The song has 10,000 plays on Spotify and 9,000 views on YouTube. He also released a single called “Menaces Invisibles” and his first single in English “Alive

His first EP was released on December 15, 2015 and reached the top 15 on the iTunes French pop chart. He launched the EP on December 14 to a sold-out crowd.

Raphaël stays busy promoting his original material and writing.

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