Thr3Card is a trio of singer/songwriters who all happen to be brothers ranging from the ages of 16-18. Originating from the heart of Las Vegas, their love for music started at a very early age.  They have been performing together for more than 11 years. Influenced by artists such as the Jackson 5, The Beatles, Chris Brown, Jonas Brothers, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber, Thr3Card has a unique style and harmonies aimed at capturing the hearts and minds of people of all ages. Their music has a little pop and urban mix to it.  

Since their last Rivenmaster interview the boys have continued to make music with top producers in Los Angeles and continue to write their own lyrics to many of their songs.  They have performed in such venues as House of Blues, the Avalon in Hollywood, and even had their own headlining show at Treasure Island called “Thr3Card Our Story.”  Their show was a 75-minute high energy show which ran for 3 months at the end of 2015. 


Their very first single “Is It Too Late” was released in May, 2016 with their first official music video on YouTube.  They recently were on the ABC TV show called “Boy Band” which aired this Summer. It was a great experience for them.  They worked with amazing producers and best of the best choreographers and vocal coaches. They met incredibly talented guys on the show and have made friends for life with some of the other boy banders. They have done several radio interviews for local stations in Las Vegas to talk about their experience which is also on YouTube.

Thr3Card Interview on WBKE Radio

Thr3Card has toured many schools in Nevada and various cities in California, Kansas City and Chicago. They are regular headliners at the San Gennaro Italian Feast for the last 4 years and the National Night Out community event for 7 years.   They have been asked to be the spokespersons for GameWorks and perform at their Town Square Las Vegas location.  Thr3Card frequently sing the National Anthem for events such a Monster Jam, Vegas 51s Baseball and just recently were a part of history as they performed the very first National Anthem for the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team’s first home preseason game in Las Vegas history.

Thr3Card Vegas Harmonic Headliners
Thr3Card at Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey


Get to know more about these brothers:

Santinocardinale 2017
Santino Cardinale


Santino, the oldest, also known as the Joker, is the brother that helps with the production of the group’s music and he also has perfect pitch which really contributes to the making of great harmonies. His fandom is known as “Santimonium!” When Santino is not working on his music with his brothers, he attends UNLV majoring in music.

Age 18 – DOB: 10-30-98


giannicardinale2017Gianni, the middle brother, is the

Gianni Cardinale heartthrob of the group and the most outgoing. He has been referred to as the King of Hearts and his fandom call themselves the “gArmy.” He created a hand move that only the gArmy can do.   His fans create the most incredible fan art for him and his brothers which he just loves.  Gianni is a senior in high school but is also attending the College of Southern Nevada to get his college credits.

Age 17 – DOB: 8-7-00

Dante Cardinale


Dante, is the brains and the youngest member of the group. While he is the quieter brother, his wit and humor keeps the group laughing.  His fans are the “Dantbaes”. Dante is a junior in high school but is also attending College of Southern Nevada and will be getting his Associates Degree by the time he graduates high school.  

Age 16 – DOB: 7-16-01


Thr3Card has a lot in store for their fans with more music and videos coming soon.  You may even see them on another TV show.  You can get you very own Thr3Card merchandise on their website You can also send your fan mail and fan art to the group at:,
205 N. Stephanie St. #D-328, Henderson, NV  89074

They really enjoy reading their mail and are so very thankful for all the thoughtful gifts they receive.


For more about Thr3Card: See Temperature 76

The boys changed the name of their pop trio to Temperature 76 early 2018! 


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