THEO Project 2018 – “My Adolescent Time New single “My time”

 Theo Constantin announces new project for 2018Theo Constantin has appeared here a number of times since he first began his musical career journey and I must say he has grown exponentially since that time. Like most young aspiring artists he began by singing cover songs and making small venue appearances.

I’m happy to report that Theo has graduated to doing much larger venues and appearing and performing to much larger crowds on a steady basis. He has had numerous Radio interviews and had a goodly share of his time appearing on Television and that’s not to mention the air time he is given for his music videos etc.

Theo Constantin announces new project for 2018I’m so proud to see what Theo has accomplished in such a short time since he first aspired to be a recording artist and performer.

I have been blessed to get to know Theo not just as another young artist but personally, and I have to tell you that he is one of the most confident, intelligent, polite, conscientious, and talented twelve year olds that I have ever encountered.

Theo is now writing his own material, producing his own music videos, and has an amazing ability to articulate his desires for his future career in music.

Theo has just begun a new project which he recently announced on his Facebook Page called “My Adolescent Time”. I was quite curious about this upcoming project and the release of his new original song so I asked him to put together something for this update.

The following is how he responded:

Project Overview: Feelings from an adolescent mind:

“Maybe I didn’t get everything quite right or perhaps did not perform up to my own standards, but honestly, it’s hard enough to accomplish all the things that you propose to do at the level that you set for yourself let alone fill the expectations of others.”

Recap and summery of the new project:

“Last year, just after launching my single, “Find Your Way”, I went back into the studio where I wrote the music and the lyrics for two new original songs.

In September I attended the Back to School Tour in Romania that included 6 concerts in different cities across the country. Then In October, I played several shows in Belgium and Germany, and since November started working on my new musical project which will be released this year.

Theo Constantin announces new project for 2018The new musical project for 2018 will be called “My Adolescent Time”, containing 10 songs in both Romanian and English and will be included on the album that hopefully will be released in November and accompanied by a promotional tour in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and, hopefully Romania.

“My Time” (which will also have an English version), is the first song that is part of the “My Adolescent Time” project. All lyrics belong to me and express an urgency for ambition and perseverance. The music from this project belongs to my friend and composer, Sorin Mihală.

Theo Constantin announces new project for 2018The music video was produced and directed by me. I wanted it to be a continuous movement that would render in images of the time that moves around us and we within it. I believe that every individual has a real time for life and an opportunity to peruse their dreams and ideals.

My desire was to create a positive energy and for the lyrics to penetrate the heart of those who listen to my music. My goal was to create a simple piece of work that would make everyone feel useful and important, letting us all know that we each have – our time, our time, that we deserve to fight for what we have and for what we want.

On January 26th, the song was released on several music platforms such as Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes where it can be purchased by everyone who wants it. The music video will be played on German and Romanian TV as well as on other online platforms.

Best regards sincerely!”          Theo

Theo Constantin announces new project for 2018I’m sure that Theo will be keeping us all busy trying to keep up to his busy schedule this year, as each year has only proven to be more exciting and successful for this amazing young and exceptionally talented young artist!

Congratulation Theo from Rivenmaster Promotions on all your success! We wish you the very best now and in the days ahead! God Bless!

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