Ky Baldwin

Last year in July Matthew Todd introduced Rivenmaster’s Place to the amazing fourteen year old singer, dancer, vocal recording artist and performer Ky Baldwin from Sidney Australia!

All of Ky’s music is youthful exciting and fun to listen to.  Even his early works like his original song “Lara”, with his high soprano voice singing one octave higher than the other boys in the video was exhilarating.

While Ky is still growing and his voice developing he has found the ability to use his falsetto to retain those higher notes that is the desire of every young vocal artist!  He smoothly goes in and out of his breaking range which to someone not paying attention would not even realize it as it sounds like his full voice.

Ky is an interesting young artist because he brings so much character and personality into his performances.  The little growl he adds to his new cover of “Remind Me” is just an example of what we are to expect in the future from Ky!

Thanks Matthew Todd for bringing Ky to our attention you can rest assured that we are keeping a close eye on this AWESOME AUSSIE!

BE SURE TO READ HIS ARTICLE HERE! and visit Ky on his Social Media Sites:



  1. Thanks for letting me know I have already corrected it! Just goes to show how truly amazing your talent is! The song is really amazing and the fact that you wrote this yourself is exceptional! Congrats Ky and thanks for writing!

  2. Ky,
    Your very welcome and you have every right to be proud of that song! Professionally written and produced!
    I really enjoyed the last video you created too, which demonstrated just how much your vocals have improved.
    You have a great range and tone quality that is extremely pleasant to listen to.
    I know you are going to go far and you can count on Rivenmaster and Torchlight Talent to keep telling everyone about you!

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