William Coallier is a fantastically talented 11-year-old from Montreal, Canada.

He sings, he acts in both film and stage, and recently he has even hosted some major events. He has a full schedule as a professional artist: it is mind blowing how much this boy has achieved already in his short life.

For some time now we have been featuring on the front page William’s most recent music video project, “One Call Away”!

In this amazingly produced video by David Choinière, William performs a duet with Raphaël Roberge who was guest featured here just a couple of months ago!  The two boys were both so convincing in their acting in this video that I first thought they were brothers performing together.  After contacting William’s family I quickly learned that that was not the case and found out much more about this amazing 11 year old singer/actor/performer!

william-coallier3William proves that he is as capable of singing in a modern pop style as in his more powerful, musical theatre voice. Furthermore, he sings competently in English as well as his native French.

It is with great pleasure that I refer you to Torchlight Talent for William’s Full Feature Introductory Article where you will learn all about his amazing vocal and acting talent.

I for one am captivated with his ability to allow his personality to shine through, whether on stage or behind a mic!

Thank you Matthew Todd for compiling such a wonderful publication for our mutual Canadian friend!

william-coallier-profile2GO READ THE ARTICLE NOW!

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